The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

This post is going to sound racist and at its core is probably a scooch racist, but that has never stopped us over here.  What I want to talk about is the direction Comedy Central has decided to go post Jon Stewart.

If you watch Fox News and therefore are unfamiliar with The Daily Show, here’s a quick description.  It’s a show that started in 1996 with Craig Kilborn but was made famous by Jon Stewart.

About a year ago, Jon Stewart announced he would be leaving the show.  It took about a month for his replacement to be announced.  There were several worthy candidates like Jordan Klepper for example, who was a current correspondent.

Instead, they went with a relatively unknown guy named Trevor Noah, who had only been on the show as a correspondent for on a few months.  I was kind of surprised by the choice, as I didn’t necessarily think that much of him as a correspondent.

Trevor Noah-1

Trevor seems like a nice enough person, but I have some issues with him.

First, he’s only 31.  Doing political satire is tough and requires a bit more life experience.

Second, he’s not even from here he’s from South Africa.  So I’m supposed to listen to satire from a guy who’s been in our country for about 8 minutes?  You know what, we can make fun of America cause we’re Americans.  You sir, on the other hand…

Also, and this is where the post gets a little racist, Comedy Central has The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore follow this show.  Just 2 years ago we had Jon Stewart followed by Stephan Colbert.

As a white person The Nightly Show is unwatchable.  He has a daily segment about the “un-blackening” of the Whitehouse and the show is mostly about how bad white people are.  I get it, but don’t necessarily want to be reminded daily about it.

I don’t watch BET but know it exists.  Do you think they’d ever think to themselves, “You know what, we need to go whiter.”  Of course not, they know their audience.

It’s been 3 months since Trevor Noah took over and I’m throwing in the towel.  I’m going to stick to CBS where they know what middle aged white guys like to watch.