The Crunchy Nut Man

You are probably familiar with the following commercial, but if not, I have been both brilliant and thoughtful enough to provide you the video here so that when I discuss it, we are all in the same frame of reference.  That right there is some free advice on how to be a great writer.

Ok here is what I want you to think about here.  How long do you think the guy who plays Crunchy Nut Man has been in Hollywood?  Now I know a few people who are actors and trust me when I tell you this, it is not easy to become a big star.  Apparently it doesn’t happen over night so I can only assume that for Mr. (do you think he goes by formal titles?  I imagine he does because otherwise he would be contributing to the decline of class in our society and that is just not something Crunchy Nut Man can be beholden to) Crunchy Nut Man, this is his big break that he has been working years to get to.

Ok so how do you think it went for him then?  Do you think his agent called him all excited one morning and said “hey John (go with me on the name), are you busy tomorrow? Because I have got the role of a lifetime for you.”  As visions of Academy Awards and dinners with George Clooney immediately start to dance in John’s head as he envisions all of his Hollywood dreams coming true, the agent then explains what the role will be.

Well ok John says, unless you are Cameron Diaz, Hollywood stardom is a process and even John fricken Travolta had to start somewhere:

So John is not going to be above playing Crunchy Nut Man because he knows that it could possibly lead to something more which is a great attitude that we should all commend.

Now how do you think the commercial shoot went?  Do you think there were long discussions between the director and the actors?  Do you think the director went to John to ask him how he was thinking his character should be played?

Director: “Ok John, you have a spoon stuck on your forehead.  How do you approach this next scene?  Tell me about your process.”

John: “Ok well I’m a cereal superhero and the spoon on my forehead is the source of my power.  It’s not just a spoon.  It’s the spoon my father was feeding me with when I was a baby when that nuculear (pronounced nu-cu-lear for comedic effect) bomb went off nearby.  My dad was killed in the blast but I survived and now I have super powers which include the power to 1960s Batman run down the sidewalk.”

Director: “Ok well let’s run a few takes here and just play it by ear.  The scene is a guy sitting on his couch eating either oatmeal or Oliver Twist type gruel.  You as Crunchy Nut Man need to save him from what is clearly one of the most tragic situations humanity can imagine.  Just have fun with it.”

John: “Ok give me a minute.  I’m method and I need to get in to character before the magic happens.”

Well that’s pretty much how I imagine this would play out and yes, I imagine these kinds of things often.