The Colbert Report – Song of the Century

I’m a big fan of The Colbert Report and thought last night’s show was worth discussing further.  Daft Punk was set to be the guest but cancelled a day before their appearance.  The reasons and the result are what make this story interesting.

UPDATE (Midwest Mike):

MTV is being a bunch of cry babies over this.  They are filing claims all over the place getting videos of this taken down as quickly as we can get them posted.

(MTV has pulled this clip) First, here’s a clip of Stephan Colbert promoting the group and the sponsor for the segment.  The sponsor becomes a major part of the bit.

Turns out, MTV which is owned by the same network as The Colbert Report, put the kibosh on Daft Punk appearing on The Colbert Report.  They claim they have exclusive rights to any appearance prior to MTV’s  Video Music Awards, which by the way aren’t for a month.  

(This video link is currently working.  You have got to go watch this video.  It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a long time and it shows just how far reaching Colbert’s influence truly is)

I couldn’t find a clip of the segment where Colbert discusses MTV’s claim on YouTube, but here’s a link to Colbert’s website.  The segment is Titled “The Song of the Summer of the Century“.

As Colbert took a lot of money from the sponsor and his guest cancelled, he was left scrambling.  In true Colbert form, he made the best of the situation and put together a classic dance compilation chalk full of well known actor cameos to Daft Punk’s song.  Below is that compilation.

(MTV has already gotten this video pulled from YouTube)


FYI, Robin Thicke appeared after the break and performed Blurred Lines, which Colbert dubbed the actual song of the Summer.  In classic TV executive fashion, MTV took an opportunity to promote their show and threw it away and came off looking like morons.  Simply awesome.