The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt

We have said repeatedly that we here at MWTVG have zero integrity and we will sell out just as soon as we possibly can.  We are doing this to try to cash in baby and whatever we need to do to make that happen, we will.  So after posting my brilliant expose on the top 60 TV show theme songs of all time, I spent the day watching the site to watch the accolades pour in to my inbox for my brilliant post.  Part of watching the site involves us watching the traffic that is coming in as a result of search engines.  What we have seen over the last few days is a huge influx of traffic of people searching for Riley Parks, who is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, on the Lifetime show The Client List.  Seeing an opportunity, I tuned in to the Season 2 premiere of The Client List tonight to see what it was that people were so interested in.

So are any of you familiar with this show or the premise?  First, it stars Jennifer Love Hewitt.  You see the picture in the article here right?  Ok good.  We start there.  Next, she is a single mom who’s husband disappeared in the first season leaving her with kids and mounting bills.  With me so far?  Hot Jennifer Love Hewitt in a seemingly desperate situation.  What is a girl to do?  Well, she gets a job working at a day spa giving massages. How can that pay all of her bills you say?  Well they deal with this question.  She can’t.  Not unless she starts working from, wait for it, the client list.

The client list is a list of “special” customers.  They get more than massages.  Yes it is exactly what you are thinking.  I’m not kidding.  So, to recap, we have Jennifer Love Hewitt working as a masseur that gives happy endings.  Keep in mind that this is on Lifetime, the network for women, not on Spike or FX.  The premise alone is worth my time so I tuned in for the season 2 premiere tonight.

My thoughts?  Eh.  Wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible.  It’s not like you tune in to Lifetime to get blown away by well done shows.  They are not in any way known for that at all.  If you are tuning in to Lifetime you have to expect to see either Meredith Baxter Birney killing 200 men that have somehow wronged her, or you tune in to see romance novel type programming like The Client List.  If I have one complaint, it’s that I kind of expect a show about a sex worker to focus a bit more on that, but hey, I’m a guy watching the show, not Lifetime’s target demo for sure.  They have to make a show that the women will watch and if they are going to support, and not hate, a sex worker, we have to have the back story about how she really didn’t want to do this but is just a woman trying to do the best she can for her kids.  Oh and guys, there is enough of JLH in lingerie to make this show worth watching even if you do it with the sound off.


Here’s what I’m told is the best scene from The Client List so far:


If you are interested in seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt in lingerie, The Client List airs on Lifetime Sundays at 9:00.