The Carbonaro Effect

I recently stumbled across this show late one night when I’d watched everything else on my DVR including We Are The Millers.  To be honest, I’d seen the show in the guide but didn’t really like the name of it – The Carbonaro Effect.  I thought it might be like one of those crazy SyFy shows and avoided it.  I was wrong.

So what is The Carbonaro Effect?  It’s a hidden camera show with a twist – he’s a magician.  The show is hosted by Michael Carbonaro who performs tricks on on unsuspecting people in regular everyday situations.

It may not sound that good, but trust me something about the show really works. For me, there’s a few reasons I like the show not the least of which is that there’s something funny and genuine about the host.  I don’t hate him like almost every other magician everywhere in the world (I really only dislike clowns more).

Another thing that works for me is that as I watch the show, I know I would totally fall for some of the tricks he performs.  I mean when you walk into a dry cleaner you don’t expect the guy behind the counter to be screwing with you.

You don’t have to take just my word for it about the show.  IMDB has the show rated 7.7 out of 10 which is pretty high.  NBC’s The Blacklist gets a 8.2 rating by comparison.  Even the NY Times was positive on the show calling the host genial and witty.

Lastly, my kids (12 & 10 years old) really like the show.  We often talk around here about how it’s tough to find shows that both adults and kids can watch together.  This in one of those shows.

The first season began May 15, 2014, and aired 13 episodes.  It did so well, it’s back for a second season which just started October 30th with a 2 hour marathon.  I believe new shows are on Thursday, but as it’s cable if you miss it you can find it airing 97 other times.

The Carbonaro Effect