The Burn with Jeff Ross

the-burn-with-jeff-ross-11One of the best new shows from last year that you might not have heard about is The Burn with Jeff Ross.  If you don’t know who Jeff Ross is, then you probably aren’t a fan of things that are funny.  He’s a very funny comedian most famous for his scathing roasts of celebrities.  He was at one time the youngest member of the New York Friars Club and is currently the Roast Master General of the Friars.

The show is a comedy talk show that features Ross and guest comedians roasting various targets each show.  He has a video segment in each show where he hits the streets to do roasts on people out on the streets.  In one episode, he roasted meter maids who were writing parking tickets.  In another he roasted people who parked in handicapped parking spaces that shouldn’t have.  Here are some clips:



The Burn season 2 premieres on Comedy Central on January 8 at 9:30.