The Brilliance of Johnny Carson

david tolley johnny carsonI sometimes feel sorry for the younger generations that never got to experience the brilliance that was Johnny Carson.  The video clip I’m going to post for you gives us an example of that brilliance.  On December 19, 1985, classical pianist Horatio Gutierrez was booked as a guest on The Tonight Show to play classical music for Johnny and his audience.  Gutierrez injured his hand in a car door earlier that day and had to cancel.  Rather than not have the piano music, Johnny asked his audience if anyone out there played the piano.  What happened after that is what I loved about Carson and it is well worth 5 minutes of your time to watch this video:


What made Johnny Carson so brilliant was that he could improvise when he needed to and it would always pay off for him.  What also made him brilliant was that he could recognize when someone was having a great moment and he wouldn’t let his ego get in the way.  David Tolley stunned Johnny and The Tonight Show audience and Johnny let him have his moment.  Johnny Carson was brilliant and he is still missed today.