The Bridge Premiere

the bridgeWhat a week.  That job I have really cuts in to my TV time.  I’m not like Midwest Mo who is his own boss and can watch TV all day and write whenever he wants.  I have a boss, well really, I have an Office Space number of bosses, and every one of them was quite angry with Midwest Mike this week.  Anyway, I did get to watch The Bridge premiere on FX and I finally get to talk about it here with our thousands of readers.

For the unfamiliar, The Bridge is a new show on the FX Network starring Diane Kruger (Inglorious Basterds) and Demian Bichir (Weeds).  Based on the Danish/Swedish show Bron, The Bridge is about two cops on opposite sides of the border who have to work together to solve murders.

I’m very close to declaring this show to be dead after just one episode.  I have a lot of problems with the show.  First, did Diane Kruger lose her acting ability in a divorce or something?  Holy cow is she bad in this show.

Before any of you smarties write to tell me how dumb I am, I know that the character she is playing has undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome.  That doesn’t make it any better.  It seems like she watched Rain Man over and over and decided that she would do Dustin Hoffman playing someone with autism acting like a homicide detective.  That’s problem #1.

The next problem I have is the setting for this show.  Apparently the original show, set on the border of Denmark and Sweden, was excellent because they could deal with whatever issues there are on the border between those two countries (chocolate wars?  pudding battles?  Wooden show tariff battles?  My knowledge of these two countries is very limited).  That is not really the case here.  Set on the border between the US and Mexico at El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, we are supposed to believe that these two police departments are going to argue over jurisdiction on a regular basis.

My problem?  Have the writers of this show paid any attention at all to what is going on in Mexico right now?  There is a major drug war going on.  You know what they don’t really concern themselves with?  Gringo bodies that are left right on the border that the US wants to claim jurisdiction over.  Why?  Because they just found 20 headless corpses that were dropped off by the local drug lord.  This contrived jurisdictional battle between the two departments is not genuine and not realistic.

Problem 3.  How is the plot for this show sustainable?  The show starts with a serial killer leaving bodies on the border.  What happens when this is solved?  What will be the reason that these two different departments will be forced to work together?  How contrived will that reason be?

There are many problems with this show but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and say that the writers will get the issues solved after the pilot.  You can’t just an entire series from the pilot alone so I’ll give the show another episode or two before I make my final determination.  Hopefully the writers of The Bridge find a way to cure Diane Kruger.

Here’s the trailer for The Bridge in case you aren’t familiar with the show at all:


For those who are wondering, The Bridge is on FX Wednesdays at 9:00.