The Best Super Bowl Commercials (so far)

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl (yes Roger Goodell, I said that word. Come get me) and we all know what that means…it’s time to watch some commercials!  It’s become a time-honored tradition to watch the commercials during the big game, and for most years, the commercials are the most exciting part.  In honor of the big game, and in honor of our love for commercials, we are talking about what we think are the best Super Bowl commercials so far.  Come see if you agree and if we miss one you love, be sure and let us know in the comments (unless you are going to try to tell me that those damn Budweiser frogs belong on this list.  If you think that, keep on moving).

Mean Joe Green for Coca-Cola – Super Bowl XIV 1980

This commercial had aired in October but was aired again during the 1980 Super Bowl and quickly became one of the most famous Coke commercials ever aired. – Super Bowl XXXIII 1999

This commercial is hysterically funny and brilliantly targeted.  Who doesn’t feel like they have just clawed their way up to middle management and are stuck?  Why not go on and see if you can’t find a better job?  I love this commercial.


Reebok’s Terry Tate, the Office Linebacker – Super Bowl XXXVII 2003

Every single one of the Terry Tate commercials is hilarious.  Every.  Single.  One.  It’s an all-time great commercial series.  Terry Tate premiered during the 2003 Super Bowl and there isn’t one of us who works in an office that doesn’t wish we had an office line backer to enforce the rules.


Careerbuilder – Monkey Business – Super Bowl XL 2006

I’m a guy so this is pretty simple.  Monkeys are funny.  Like Terry Tate, the Monkey commercial series by Careerbuilder was comic gold.  This one that ran during the 2006 Super Bowl was just genius.  I love the Monkey CEO who is lighting his cigar with money who then makes the hero start dancing at the end.  Just a hysterical commercial.


FedEX Caveman – Super Bowl XL 2006

Again.  I’m a guy.  There are some things that are just inherently funny.  Cavemen are on that list.  This commercial from FedEx aired during the 2006 Super Bowl and was widely viewed as one of the best of that year.


E*Trade Baby – Super Bowl XLV 2011

The E*Trade baby first aired during the 2008 Super Bowl.  This commercial, aired during the 2011 Super Bowl, is their master work.  An estimated 768 million people have seen this commercial.  The creators of the E*Trade baby were apparently scared that they had created something terrible.  They had no idea what they had on their hands.


Doritos Giant Mouse Trap – Super Bowl XLII 2008

Simple and funny.  The outcome was totally unexpected.


Pepsi Justin Timberlake – Super Bowl XLII 2008

Timberlake does things that are funny.  He’s always excellent on SNL and his Digital Short with Andy Samburg (you know the one) is legendary.  In 2008, JT did a commercial for Pepsi that aired during the 2008 Super Bowl.


McDonald’s Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird – Super Bowl XXVII 1993

As a Midwest TV Guy who is from Chicago, no list would be complete without this commercial.  What we didn’t know about this commercial back then, was that MJ was probably betting $20,000 per shot (click that link.  It’s a story about how Michael Jordan has lost over $12 million in gambling losses already during this basketball season).


Wendy’s Where’s the Beef – Super Bowl XVIII 1984

I’ll bet you didn’t remember that this commercial was a Super Bowl commercial.  This fricken commercial ruled all of our lives for this entire year.  It was a Presidential election year that year so we had to listen to both candidates utter that phrase that I dare not utter time after time after time.  We could not get away from it.  For being so memorable, it makes the list.


Pepsi Cindy Crawford – Super Bowl XXVI 1992

Pepsi was introducing the world to a redesigned logo and can.  What better way to do that than to have the entire world ogle Cindy Crawford?  There really isn’t a better way.  Bravo Pepsi.


Electronic Data Systems Cat Herding – Super Bowl XXXIV 2000

Any of us who have ever managed people know that it is all attempting to herd cats.  Electronic Data Systems ran a commercial during the 2000 Super Bowl that featured rough cowboys trying to herd cats.


Volkswagen Darth Vader – Super Bowl XLV 2011

In one of the best commercials in recent years, Volkswagen struck gold with a young Darth  Vader.  There isn’t anyone watching the Super Bowl, young and old, who didn’t wish they had the power of the force (light side or dark side, I’m not judging here).


Budweiser 9/11 Tribute – Super Bowl XXXVI 2002

Budweiser’s tribute to 9/11 aired in the Super Bowl that was played just a few months after 9/11.  This commercial was only aired one time.  Hat’s off to Budweiser for doing this and not replaying it over and over.


Well those are some of the commercials that I think are the best Super Bowl commercials we’ve seen so far.  There have been so many that I’m sure I missed some that you love.  Be sure to tell me which are your favorites.