The Bachelor – The Dates Begin

Despite the fact that I have contracted some type of a flu-like illness that came on within 30 seconds today, I am still here to watch The Bachelor and report on the episode for our loyal readers.  I feel like Michael Jordan in the ’97 finals.

the bachelor katieOk so the big news from the episode.  Katie walked out.  I said in the preview that Katie was going to be my favorite because she is from the Chicago area and because she is a yoga instructor.  I didn’t have a feeling about her having a high PITA rating and that proved to be true.  Someone with a low PITA rating is just not going to do well on this show.  You can’t be a normal person and jump in to this environment and think that things are going to work out.  There are 20 other crazy women around you.  Being normal is like putting chum in the water with a bunch of great white sharks.  Her leaving is of course good news for the crazies on the show.  It means one less person to compete with for Sean’s love and attention.

This is my very first season watching The Bachelor so you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t know how it works.  I assume that they are following the standard format of the show and that the one on one date thing is a standard part of the format so let’s talk about the one on one dates.

First date: Sarah

sarah the bachelorThey jumped off a building together.  That’s pretty much the gist of their date.  I’m sure there was more to it but all I could think about during this date was how hellish it would be to have to sit in a meeting that Sarah is running and being forced to listen to her speak.  It’s been some time since I’ve read the bible, but I do believe there is a passage in Revelations that foretells of Sarah and the world having to listen to her speak.  Don’t quote me on that though.  If it’s not not there, it probably should be.  I can’t imagine a worse punishment for non-believers.

The Group Date:

the bachelor groupI think the group date, or really the women’s reactions to Sean on the group date, really highlights a major difference between men and women. I think as a man watching this show, I am amazed at some of the things the women say but maybe that’s just because I’m a man.  Maybe this is how women really think but who knows.  I’ve been married for 22 years so my radar has been beaten down and broken in to a million tiny pieces.  What the women were saying that amazed me is how many of them view themselves as princesses and view Sean as their prince coming to save them.  I don’t know how they have made it to this point in their lives with such a romanticized view of love and marriage and to me, it’s quite off-putting.  If I were talking to a 30 year old woman who was talking about her prince coming to save her, I’d be running for the hills as fast as I could.  I keep thinking that there has to be something wrong with Sean (besides the fact that he agreed to go on a reality show for a 2nd time to try to find a wife) that he would be so in to this kind of a process.

The Second Date: Desiree

desiree the bachelorSo Sean takes her to an “art gallery” for a date.  Then the producers think it would be a great idea to try to make her think that she broke a $1.5 million dollar piece of art work.  Ok now come on.  I am not an artist in any way but if I walked in to some room some where and someone told me that this piece of art was worth over a million dollars, I’d have to start asking some questions.  Just a cursory search of the internet and I find that not a whole lot of art makes it to the million dollar mark.  That’s the kind of art that gets sold at Christie’s or Sotheby’s.  Trying to pull this kind of a ploy makes me think that ABC doesn’t hold these women in very high regard.  I think they think these women can be easily fooled and maybe some of them can.  Desiree wasn’t fooled though.  She might have thought that the art piece was that expensive but she certainly knew she didn’t have anything to do with it breaking and she wasn’t at all concerned about the anger of the “artist.”  This ruse was set up to set up Sean as the knight in shining armor who could then come in and save the damsel in distress.  It was a really terrible ploy that totally fell flat.  Desiree was offered a rose before the rose ceremony and it seemed like she was thinking about not accepting it because she wasn’t impressed with the joke, but in the end, a chance at fame won out over her good senses and she accepted the rose.  Her angry feelings also didn’t keep her from making out with Sean either.

The Rose Ceremony:


brooke the bachelorBrooke the 25 year old community organizer from Pittsburgh.  She didn’t have much interaction with Sean (that we saw on TV) so her elimination isn’t a huge surprise.  It’s one of those early eliminations that happens just because someone has to go and you didn’t get to have enough time with Sean.





diana the bachelorDiana the senior citizen of the show (at age 31) and the only mom on the show was eliminated.  Again, like Brooke, she didn’t have much time with Sean and didn’t make much of an impression on him in what time she did have.






The women the others hate that got a rose:

amanda the bachelorAmanda.  I don’t know what her problem was during this episode but man was she angry and bitchy.  One of the women asked her a question directly to her face and she just turned and ignored her.  I’m assuming that at the age of 26 that Amanda would know how to behave with other women but maybe since she’s a model, she doesn’t know how to.  One thing you don’t want to do with a group of women is give them a reason to hate you as a group.  They will focus their attention on someone and guess what Amanda?  That’s now going to be you.  She has probably never experienced that because she’s so pretty I’m sure she was the one picking on the other girls in her junior high because they didn’t have clothes from Abercrombie.  She’s going to experience what it’s like to have 20 crazy women not like you and I’m sure there will be fireworks.

tierra the bachelorTierra.  She got a rose right after meeting Sean on the first night.  That put a bullseye on her back and on her front and anywhere else the women could get a clear shot at.  They don’t like her at all.






My favorite that is still in the hunt:

taryn the bachelorTaryn.  I like her.  She has seemed to be the most real of the women so far.  She didn’t have much time with Sean in this episode so I was worried that she might get eliminated.  She is going to have to start doing something to make an impression or else she will get swallowed up by sharks swimming around Sean.  She can’t just be the nice girl in this group and hope that Sean notices (I don’t think he notices much of anything).





Ok ladies (I know I’m the only guy in America watching this show), what did you think?  Who is your favorite so far?  Be sure to let me know your thoughts on The Bachelor in the comments or feel free to send me an email.