The Bachelor – The Claws Come Out

sean the bachelor roseAn unfortunate DVR accident last week caused me to miss last week’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor.  While at first, it seemed that I was living a nightmare not knowing what was happening on the show, I found that the week off was a welcome respite from crazy women pretending to like a guy just enough to be the runner-up so they can get their own Bachelorette series.  As with any vacation, it always seems to go by too fast and we find ourselves at another Monday for another two hour episode of The Bachelor.

Watching this show I am continually amazed that Sean would sign up for this.  I get why the women are there.  Like any reality show contestant, they are hoping for fame and fortune and maybe their own show.  If they have to pretend to want to marry a guy to get it, well so be it, it only shows their acting chops off to producers on the SyFy channel.  Why would Sean sign up for this?  I’m sure he is getting a fat paycheck but is it worth it?  Can you imagine?  Every time he looks at one of the girls, 10 other women immediately want to have private time with him to either a) tell him secrets about the girl he just oogled or, b) tell him some sad secret to earn his sympathy in the hopes of surviving another rose ceremony.

tierra the bachelor cryingLet’s talk about Tierra.  Holy cow.  If a gold medal was being awarded for crazy, this girl would have already wrapped it up and it wouldn’t even matter what the French and Russian judges would say.  Tierra brings up an important lesson that young men need to learn.  Don’t ever get involved with a woman who can’t make friends with other women.  It’s a serious red flag.  In Tierra’s case, ALL of the other women hate her and its not out of jealousy.  Tierra is a different person around the women than she is around Sean.  The women have made enough comments as well to let us know that not only is she different around the women, she is different when the cameras are on vs when they are off.  Sean of course doesn’t see any of this.  Two women made this mistake tonight of trying to take on Tierra and it cost them.

jackie the bachelorDuring her 2 on 1 date with Sean tonight, Jackie tried to take the opportunity to spill the dirt on Tierra to Sean.  The “dirt” she spilled though was the ever so scandalous revelation that Tierra looked at another guy one time and said the guy was cute.  I think she felt like she had to go this route because she certainly couldn’t tell Sean that all the women hate Tierra and that Tierra is fake or Sean would immediately dismiss it as catty women talk.  What amazes me is that Jackie really thought this was some kind of earth-shattering revelation that would wake Sean up and cause him to see the light and send Tierra home.  It didn’t work.  Sean saw through it and gave Tierra a rose and sent Jackie home.  Another life lesson learned from Mike Brady, no one likes a tattle-tale and certainly no one likes tattle tales who tattle about 3rd grade issues like Johnny looked at Missy even though he checked the box for Vanessa saying that he would totally go out with her and that they will definitely skate together when it’s couples skate time (they still do skating parties right?).

robyn the bachelorDuring one-on-one time, the women were sitting around and purposely talking about how sweet and friendly Jackie was and how unfair it was to send her home.  They did it of course loud enough for Tierra to hear and Tierra reacted in pure non-crazy woman form.  By storming off.  Robyn was having none of it though.  She went after Tierra and confronted her on her Tierra act.  Thinking that she was safe from being observed by Sean, Tierra reacted how she would when it’s just her and the girls.  Sean however is sneaky.  He was milling about The Bachelor house, of course on his own and not being prodded by producers in any way I’m sure, and he saw Tierra’s reaction to being confronted by Robyn.  Sean was surprised to see Tierra act like Tierra and for a brief moment, women everywhere in America were beginning to get excited that Sean might be seeing the light and that Tierra’s time on The Bachelor would soon be coming to an end.  Alas, women everywhere were disappointed in the ability of a man to read a situation correctly and Sean sent Tierra’s attacker home.  The lesson?  Do not go after Tierra.  She is clearly on Sean’s protected list.

The elimination of Jackie and Robyn leaves us just 9 potential winners of Sean’s heart and 8 potential stars of ABC’s The Bachelorette.  So here’s what I want to know America.  Who is your favorite to win?

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  1. Midwest Melissa // February 5, 2013 at 10:18 am //

    I must say again, that from the very first interview I called that Tierra was OFF THE CHARTS crazy, and while, of course, they are editing the show to make her look even worse, she is still a big ol’ crazy quilt. And I think she’ll make it to at least the final three because Sean is blinded by something in her crazy eyes/boobs/butt. And BOY, is he a sucker for the tears. He loves to save a flailing girl with a sad story. You want to stay in the game, gals? You better develop a sad back story or a sudden limp. At any rate, I’m thinking AshLee (lame name spelling, btw) could be the winner. And she seems like a reasonably nice girl, so I hope I’m right.

    And truer words have never been spoken than “Don’t ever get involved with a woman who can’t make friends with other women.” This is absolutely, without exception, always good advice. Crazy, needy, insecure women (who may also be smoking hot, btw) may say things like “Women have always been jealous of me”, or “I think other women are intimidated by me”, or “I just have always gotten along better with men”…these are all red flag phrases. I grew up with two brothers and am comfortable with men in any arena. I’d even say I intimidate some men, but I have NO PROBLEM getting along with women….hot women, less hot women, whatever…a non-crazy, secure woman can always find a way to get along. So, for the love of bacon, if you here those phrases…RUN…or, if you must, have a one night stand and pull the escape hatch. Please.

    • Midwest Mike // February 5, 2013 at 10:36 am //

      Sean is apparently the kind of comic book villain that feeds on negative energy. He loves to have the women circling around him all coming to him to cry on his shoulder. He says he doesn’t like drama, but clearly he does.

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