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the bachelor castI have now watched my first ever episode of ABC’s The Bachelor.  I had to forgo the national championship game tonight in order to watch the premiere, but, as a true professional, when duty calls, I answer.

If you read my preview, you know that I tried to predict the favorites and the crazies based on their PITA rating.  First let me say that the normal PITA rating for a standard woman does not apply to any woman that has low enough self-esteem to go on a reality dating show looking to get married.  The PITA curve gets shifted away from the normal curve more towards the crazy end of the spectrum so keep in mind that when we are dealing with these women, we start with a base level of crazy that is higher than normal.

Can I ask what the heck Sean is thinking agreeing to do this show?  Do you really want to have 26 crazy women fight over you? Does he know that they aren’t really fighting for him, they are fighting to make a big enough name for themselves that they get asked to do the next season of The Bachelorette.  He says he is a family man that can’t want to have a wife and kids.  I certainly can’t think of a better way to find a wife than to do a reality show.

So this is the first show and there are 26 women so we aren’t going to get more than a glimpse of each of them.  Sean has to make decisions about who to keep and who to eliminate after his first impression of them.  Some of the women made a good first impression, and some did not.

tierra the bachelor first rose

Tierra, the 28 year old leasing consultant from Las Vegas, made such a strong first impression that Sean gave her a rose right when they first met.  The funny thing that shows how naive Sean might be was the comment he made after giving her the first rose.  He said that he hopes that him giving her the early rose doesn’t cause a lot of tension among the women.  That is hysterical.  Has Sean never been around women?  Not only would his decision cause tension, it nearly caused a murder.


lindsey the bachelor wedding dressHere is one that I got wrong.  I thought that Lindsey would have a lower PITA rating based on her job, a teacher, and her low maintenance habits.  Then she goes and shows up to her first meeting with Sean in a wedding dress.  Seriously.  She showed up to her first meeting with Sean in a wedding dress.  Whether she was trying to be funny or not, that is truly borderline psycho behavior.  Maybe women out there think it’s cute and funny but let me tell you, from a man’s perspective, this is like asking a guy how many kids he would like to have on a first date.  I thought the dress would have doomed her to be one of the first women eliminated, but Sean actually gave her a rose.  I was surprised.  Let’s see if Lindsey shows up in episode 2 wearing a pregnant suit asking Sean if he will still love her even if she gets fat.

The true crazy award of the night goes to this lady:

ashley p the bachelor 50 shades of grey28 year old Ashley P. from Macomb, MI tried to go all 50 Shades of Gray on Sean and the poor guy had no idea what she was talking about.  Ashley seems to not understand that what she says in her solo time with the camera doesn’t actually go right to Sean.  She explained her love of Christian from 50 Shades to the camera (not to Sean) and then when she met Sean, she pulled a freakishly long tie from her dress to entice Sean with.  Sean had no idea what she was doing and asked her if he was supposed to know the significance of the tie.  Ashley was not yet finished.  She proceeded to get herself blindingly drunk which then lead to her doing a most impressive booty dance for the other ladies (who are not in the position to give her a rose so her skills were being wasted) and then pulling the tie out again for Sean in her one shot at alone time with him.  Shockingly, she was eliminated from the show and went on to make her parents even more proud of her in her final moments with the camera.

taryn the bachelorI was very worried about my favorite, 30 year old gym manager Taryn.  She didn’t get any one on one time with Sean and she was very upset about the seeming need to fight with the other women over time with him.  I said in my preview that despite her PITA stats being high, her quotes made me re-think her rating and I think I was right in that assessment.  She came off as the most normal of the women. I was concerned that Sean would not give her a rose since he didn’t get to spend any time with her but luckily, he saw enough to give her a rose and keep her around for a bit longer.  I hope she does something to set herself apart in the next episode because she won’t be able to sit back and wait for him to come to her on this show.  There are too many catty-crazy women to think that type of game will work.

Overall, I wasn’t too surprised by anything tonight.  There were a lot of women for us to get introduced to in the first episode so it’s still hard to say who is a favorite and who is going to be hated.  The preview clips for upcoming episodes show that all the friendliness of the women wears off at some point and the claws come out.  With the way Sean looks, it’s no wonder the women are fighting so hard.  Just look at those abs:

sean the bachelor abs








So tell me.  What did you all think of the show?  Who is your favorite right now and who is your least favorite?  Do you think Sean will make the right decision or do you think he will be blinded by looks?  Let’s discuss this ladies.  Let me know what you think.

If you want to get in on the phenomenon, you can watch The Bachelor on ABC Monday nights at 7:00.

2 Comments on The Bachelor – Premiere

  1. Jennifer Sharkey // January 9, 2013 at 7:40 pm //

    Hard to pick a favorite at this point, as sometimes the “crazy claws” don’t come out in the premiere. Yes, pretty sure I’ve watched every season so I’ve seen it happen.
    I find it hard to believe you left out “failed backflip girl!” Lol, I have to admit, I felt embarrassed for her.
    This was actually one of the best premieres; between the drunk (aka “50 Shades Girl”), the wedding dress chick (she seriously got a rose? *sigh*), Kasey B returning (who frightened off a previous bachelor after he met her “fan of taxidermy father”), and oh how I could go on and on!
    DEFINITELY gonna be an interesting season…

    • Midwest Mike // January 9, 2013 at 8:57 pm //

      I felt bad for the failed backflip girl but didn’t think she was crazy. Any girl that can show off gymnastic skills is going to win points because hey, a gymnast.

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