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Well.  S**t just got real tonight didn’t it?  Sean took the 4 remaining women on hometown visits tonight and there was some good, some bad, and some crazy.

First, let me say that I know this is a show the women just love to pieces.  Watching this show as a man, I tend to only be rational about everything that is happening and I don’t get wrapped up in any of the romance or any fairytale stuff that I think most of the show’s regular fans seem to love.  I’m still just not getting it with this show.

Ok, the hometown visits.

AshLee’s Date

ashlee the bachelorSean went to AshLee’s hometown of Houston, TX to meet her parents.  This was a pretty uneventful visit.  Her parents seemed nice.  I don’t understand how the parents of any of these women can sign off on this process or agree to be on this show in any way shape or form, but I guess 15 minutes of fame is a powerful draw for anyone.





Catherine’s Date

catherine the bachelor

The visit to Catherine’s hometown of Seattle was probably the best overall visit of the night.  Sean got along very well with Catherine’s family and he seemed to get alone very well with Catherine.  I think Catherine is Sean’s favorite at this point and I’d put her as the front-runner to win the show.





Lindsay’s Date

lindsay the bachelorThe visit Sean had to Lindsay’s hometown was interesting.  It was said earlier in the show that Lindsay’s dad is a 2-star Army general.  He was named tonight and we got to meet him.  Lindsay’s dad is Major General Mark Yenter.  He is the post commander of Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.  Sean asked Lindsay an important question and one that I think showed some thoughtfulness on Sean’s part, how does he address her father when he meets him?  Now in full disclosure, I am a former Army infantryman and one of the jobs the infantry does when not deployed or training gate guard for the post.  Believe it or not, we have to salute stickers on cars.  Yes you read that right.  If the car has a blue sticker, no matter who was driving it, we had to salute it.  Now Lindsay reminds me of one of the officer kids who would drive in to the post at night with their headlights blaring blinding the gate guards and then slowing down waiting for us to give her the salute.  As for the General?  What the heck is he doing on this show?  He must not be concerned about his military career or he must have already been told not to expect a 3rd star.  Sean asked him for his blessing to marry Lindsay but only if he decided after weeding through all the other candidates that he maybe wanted to be with Lindsay.  How can a father go on this show and agree to any of this?  If you are a guy that came to me to talk about my daughter and you said it was between my daughter and 3 other women but hey, if you decide you like my daughter are you ok with giving permission I’d beat your ass as would most self-respecting fathers.  General Yenter went ahead and gave Sean permission (if it came to that of course) to marry Lindsay.  Nice job dad.

Desiree’s Date

desiree the bachelorThe biggest drama of the night came when Sean visited Desiree’s hometown.  First, she pulled a prank on Sean that you really had to be a moron to fall for.  If you believed that the guy that showed up as her “ex boyfriend” was real then you are really gullible and you probably think that whoever Sean marries will be for life.  Desiree said that she had hired an actor to play a prank on Sean.  Calling that guy an actor insults actors and if he has been paying for acting lessons, he should ask for his money back.

Where the real drama came in was with Desiree’s brother Nate asked to speak with Sean man-to-man.


Now there are others who think that Sean was a punk but I’m here to tell you that of all the episodes and all the conversations that have happened this season, Nate is the very first person to show up on this show that has any sense at all.  He was totally right about this situation.  He is the only one who has this right.  None of the fathers of these women have it right but Nate does.  Sean came to their house to tell that family how crazy he is about their daughter and sister but oh wait, there are still 3 other women.  This is also Sean’s 2nd time appearing on either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette so how is Nate wrong?  I know the show was casting Nate as a jerk but in truth, the guy is a hero and he did the right thing.  Desiree might be mad because she probably needed to last at least one more round to have a chance to get her own season of The Bachelorette (which is what all of these women are really playing for) but who knows?  Maybe what he did was get her enough sympathy from the 99.999999% female fans that watch this show who think he ruined Desiree’s chance at true love.

The Rose Ceremony

So, drama right?  Sean had to eliminate one of the women.  Desiree is the logical choice and I’m sure everyone was waiting for the hammer to drop on her.  Desiree recognized this too and before the rose ceremony began, she broke protocol and asked to see Sean in private before he started handing out roses.  She apologized for her brother and begged a tearful forgiveness.  Would this have an impact on Sean’s decision?

Sean immediately gave roses to  AshLee and Lindsay and then in a move that the producers put in to add to the drama, Sean walked off the set during his Rose ceremony.  He had to go and have a minute by himself because the enormity of the decision was just too much for him to handle.  He had to go and stare pensively at pictures of the women to help make his decision.  We are lead to believe that this drama has lead to a change of heart for Sean and Desiree just might be saved.  Would he do it?  Would he save her?  Aaaaand she’s gone.  He dumped her.  Desiree’s brother turned out to be too much for Sean to handle so Desiree had to go.  Too bad so sad.

So America.  We have just 3 women left.  We are almost at the finale of The Bachelor.  Who do you think is going to win Sean’s heart?  Be sure and let us know because guess what?  We have opened up comments to anyone.  You can comment anonymously now so don’t be afraid to spill the beans.

Tune in tomorrow.  I’ll be back to discuss the 2nd night of The Bachelor this week (this is my hell) as ABC decides to air a special episode where Sean will tell all.

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  1. I can’t believe the crazy scary smile girl is still left. I do hope if there’s a wedding that they invite you.

    • Midwest Mike // February 19, 2013 at 3:03 pm //

      The girl who showed up to the show on the first day in a wedding dress is still left. That is crazy beyond belief. She’s the one who’s dad is the 2 star general.

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