The Bachelor – Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

tierra the bachelorOn tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, there were solo dates and group dates and all of that stuff we have come to expect on The Bachelor.  Blah blah blah.  Girlfriend, let’s talk about what really happened on the show tonight.  Tierra is gone!

So tonight, Sean’s sister came for a visit and she told him that if a woman can’t get along with another woman, that she is trouble.  I said the very same thing about Tierra last week and it appears that Sean finally took the advice of his sister and sent Tierra packing.  The drama finally became too much.

ashlee the bachelor

An undercurrent of drama had been simmering between Tierra and the rest of the women for several weeks now and clearly, none of the other women like Tierra.  In tonight’s episode, Tierra confronts Ashlee about comments she may or may not have made to Sean during her date with him.  That blew the lid right off the crazy and Tierra and Ashlee had it out.  My favorite part of it was when Tierra said she can’t control her eye brows or the look she has on her face.  Sean came in to get Tierra to introduce her to his sister but instead ended up sending Tierra home in a surprise elimination.  Everyone in the house was shocked and so was I.  I was sure Sean was falling for Tierra’s trickery.  With lightning rod Tierra gone, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the women get along without their common enemy around to focus on.  Will a new enemy emerge?  Only time will tell.

Eliminated tonight:

lesley the bachelor

Lesley Murphy – 25

Lesley is a political consultant from Fort Smith, Arkansas.  We are getting down to the end so any of the women getting eliminated at this point were probably in the running and there is some mild surprise when a woman gets eliminated.  Lesley probably could have gone further but Sean didn’t think so.  Looking at the women that are left, it’s hard to say what it is that Sean wants.



We are getting down to the end folks (ladies, since I’m probably the only male in America who is watching this show).  There are just four women left.

The Final Four:

lindsay the bachelorLindsay Yenter – 24

Lindsay is a substitute teacher from Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.  You may remember her as the crazy chick that showed up on the first episode wearing a wedding dress.  In a normal world, you would be amazed that someone that crazy is still around.  On The Bachelor, the crazier the better.




desiree the bachelor

Desiree Hartsock – 26

Desiree is the Bridal Stylist from Northglenn, CO.  She’s been somewhat normal (as far as normal on The Bachelor goes) and I actually like her.  I’m a sucker for brunettes.





catherine the bachelor

Catherine Giudici – 26

Catherine is a graphic designer from Seattle, WA.  She has been flying under the radar, well really, who hasn’t been with Tierra around?  The elimination of Lesley tonight hit Catherine strangely hard and, in a moment of true clarity that The Bachelor has probably never seen, she admitted that Lesley had more in common with Sean than she did and she was surprised he sent her home.



ashlee the bachelorAshLee Frazier – 32

AshLee, who at 32 is the senior citizen of the cast, is a personal organizer from Houston, TX.  She hasn’t been great and she hasn’t been bad.  She’s been in the middle and being in the middle has gotten her to the final four.





Just four women left.  Tell me America, who is your favorite to win?  My vote is for Desiree. Who are you hoping wins?  Be sure to let me know.