The Bachelor – Dates and Drama

the bachelor groupOk ABC let’s talk.  These two hour episodes of The Bachelor have got to stop.  Seriously.  I know Monday night is a pretty weak night for TV now that football is winding down, but two hours for every episode is just saying to women “we dare you to watch anything else.”  Anyway, on to the show.


So there are still so many women on this show that it is nearly impossible to keep track of them.  I’m not even sure Sean can keep track of them at this point unless he is developing his own scorecard of girls that will make out with me immediately vs. those who have not yet had the opportunity to make out with me immediately.  The pool of women in the second group is rapidly shrinking so he might have to come up with another way to separate them.

lesley m the bachelorThe first solo date was with political consultant Lesley M.  Sean took her to the ever so romantic Guinness Book of World Records museum.  Lesley was obviously upset at the date choice until she found out that it was all just a clever ploy to hide the true reason for Sean’s date choice: to set the world record for longest on screen kiss.  Remember when it used to mean something to set a Guinness world record?  I do.  When I was a kid I had the record book and I used to pour over it memorizing the useless facts and information in the book.  Back then you had records for longest motorcycle jump over flaming cars to defy death and most times shot with a gun to survive.  They were crazy records that actually took some skill and ability to achieve.  Now there is a Guinness world record for longest on screen kiss?  How is that even a record?  And it wasn’t even a crazy record like 78 hours or anything.  It was like 2 minutes.  Wow.  How did they break this record?  And without even training for it?  Simply amazing.  For helping Sean to set a new world record that will stand the test of time, Lesley received a rose and was safe at the next rose ceremony.


The group date was next and 12 women were selected for the group date.  The date was on the beach, which was a not too clever ploy by ABC to provide their viewers with more Sean man-candy by getting him to take his shirt off.  The highlight of this date was the volleyball competition where the winning team would continue the date while the losers got sent packing back to the house.  The winners were given some alone time with Sean where Kacie decided to tell Sean about some house drama between Desiree and Amanda.  Bitch please.  Don’t even go there.  She straight up had no business sticking her nose where it didn’t belong and Sean actually told her so.  Kacie pretty much sealed her fate with this act of crazy.

ASHLEEAshlee got the final solo date with Sean and their date was something I actually thought was very touching.  The premise of it was to find out how Ashlee would react to having to share her solo time with Sean but seriously, if she had reacted badly to the reason why she had to share her date, she would be too evil even for reality TV.  But before poor Ashlee can even get to her date, Tierra trips on the stairs and appears to knock herself senseless.  The other girls are of course skeptical because her “injury” draws a lot of personal attention and concern from Sean and I have to agree with their suspicion.  ABC would never have allowed her to decide she didn’t need to go to the hospital if she really did need to go to the hospital.  ABC does a lot of dumb things, but being stupid with liability isn’t one of them.  If she was really hurt and not just performing for the camera, the Disney lawyers would be driving her to the hospital themselves.  Clearly Tierra is in it to win it though and playing the damsel in distress seems to be a smart way to get to Sean’s heart.

Strange moment of the night came after Ashlee and Sean returned from Six Flags.  For some reason she decided to tell him that she had been abused when she was in foster care.  I don’t know why this came out at this point of the show.  I don’t think that abuse of any kind is something to make light of and I don’t think it should be used as leverage to get sympathy from Sean to get a rose.  I think this is a pretty serious issue that certainly should be discussed in a relationship but not on a first date.


The rose ceremony:

kacie the bachelorBefore the rose ceremony got underway, Sean asked Kacie to come with him and he lead her outside.  He was holding a rose while leading her out the door (kudos for adding drama ABC) leading the remaining women to speculate as to Sean’s intentions.  We come to find out that Sean is booting Kacie from the show because he values their friendship and wants to stay as friends.  What he really meant to say was “holy cow, I thought I knew you as a friend but then I found out how crazy you really and you have got to go.”



KRISTYKristy the model from Wisconsin got the boot tonight. My initial feeling on her was that she was probably crazy based on the fact that she is a model and there has never been a sane model ever in the history of humanity.  Not a big loss here.  I didn’t think she was going to get far on this show.






taryn the bachelorLosing gym manager Taryn tonight was a big blow to me personally.  She was my favorite on the show.  I think she was the least crazy of all the women and probably would be great fun to date.  The fact that she is the least crazy hurts her in this game.  With a house full of insane women, there won’t be a way for her to get Sean to herself at any time unless she is willing to claw someone’s eyes out and then step over their twitching body to get to Sean.  Playing the nice pretty girl will work for her in the real world, but not on a reality show.



So we are down to 10 women left fighting to be Sean’s wife.  At this point, I think Tierra is both the most crazy and the favorite.  She has done more to make an impression on Sean and she has hidden her crazy from him while only ever making herself look good.  Any attempt by the women to bring her crazy to Sean’s attention will result in them getting the boot like Kacie.  Sean does not seem to like a tattle tale (and who does? If we learned anything from Mike Brady, it’s that the world hates a tattle tale).


So that’s where we are.  10 women to go.  Who is your favorite right now?  Who can’t you stand that you are dying to see get the boot from Sean?  How many more times will Sean take off his shirt?  We have lot’s of burning questions.  Come on by and we can discuss them.

If you haven’t been watching, The Bachelor airs on ABC Monday’s at 7:00.



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