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In an effort to continue to stretch out the torture of this season, ABC gives us instead of the finale, another week of my favorite show. This week it’s The Bachelor 2014 – The Women Tell All. Thankfully this week is only 90 minutes long instead of the usual 2 hours so at least we’ve got that going for us. This was a really annoying episode, even more than the standard episodes (which are very annoying). What do these women think they signed up for? To get them all together to listen to them bitch about the guy that they were making out with right up until the moment they got cut is just a lot for any sane person to want to put up with.

The show starts with each of the women getting a chance to take a shot and then Chris brings out 3 of the most popular women for one on one discussion about the events surrounding their time on the show.

Sharleen The Bachelor 2014 - The Women Tell AllLet’s start with Sharleen. I’ve made no secret at all about absolutely hating this chick the entire season. Her one on one time with Chris didn’t help her case with me. Oh you’re too smart huh? Too cerebral? Yes I thought that about you all season. That you are way too smart to sign up for a reality dating show thinking that this was going to be a good way to find love. Oh wait. You did sign up for a reality dating show? My bad. I guess you aren’t as smart as you think you are.

Since she is not going to be the next Bachelorette, this is hopefully the last time I ever have to listen to her talk. I don’t know what Juan Pa saw in her.


the bachelor 2014 - the women tell allRenee was up next for her time with Chris. Renee was one of my favorites through this season and I was surprised that she got sent home. I know that the few female friends I have left who watch this show made lots of comments about how they wish Renee would be the next Bachelorette so I know she was popular with the target demo of this show as well. She revealed that she is dating and is very happy with her situation. She is genuine and someone I really liked and you could tell she was actually happy. I think she is a rarity for a show like this.


Andi Dorfman The Bachelor 2014 - The Women Tell AllAndi is up next for her one on one time so she can explain why she got so mad at Juan Pa after her time in the fantasy suite. Like I said last week, whatever her mouth is saying for the explanation is not true. The truth is that she wants to be the next Bachelorette and that isn’t going to happen if she is picked by Juan Pa. Lo and behold, look who was right about the prediction? Guess who is the leading candidate to be the next Bachelorette?

To get as far as she did to then get angry at the way Juan Pa communicates is flat out crazy. He wasn’t any different in week 7 than he was he week 1 and she oohed and ahhhed over him the entire season until she wanted to quit to become the next Bachelorette. She was one of my favorites but her behavior at the end really turned me off on this crazy person.

Juan Pablo The Bachelor - The Women Tell AllWe finally get to Juan Pa being brought out to face the firing squad. Kelly decides to bring up Juan Pa’s comments about a possible gay bachelor. While his comments were idiotic, I think Kelly’s bringing it up again was just more for her to make a scene and get to have some more screen time. She went from defending Juan Pa at one point earlier in the show to now having tears over this comment. Pardon me Kelly if I don’t buy the act.

I also thought that free spirit Lucy’s anger was very funny. She said that the women each wanted to be treated like they were in a solo relationship with Juan Pa. Too funny. What did she sign up for again? She is on a reality dating show where she knew that there were going to be 643 other women on the show right? Then to pretend that you didn’t like how you were treated? What an idiot.


We have just one week left. Next week is the finale. Who do you think is going to win? Let us know below in our Bachelor 2014 finale poll.

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The Bachelor 2014 finale airs on ABC next week starting at 7:00.

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  1. The other Midwest Mike // March 4, 2014 at 10:52 am //

    Right before I read your post last week I read an article about how smart and genuine Andi is and how shallow and horrible the bachelor dude is. I don’t watch this show at all, but of course you are 100% right and that other article is either a propaganda piece to get her to be the next bachelorette or just plain stupid! The fact that they are on this show proves that they are all shallow and looking for fame!

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