Thank God It’s Not Friday Night


I know most of you think that the writers over here at MWTVG live a jet set type of life and are probably out mingling with celebrities on weekends or at the TWILIGHT premier.  Spoiler alert – it’s all true, but not this weekend.  No, this weekend I was home on Friday night with my money spenders AKA my family.

So you’re thinking well at least you get to watch the premiers of LAST MAN STANDING and MALIBU COUNTRY so quit your bitching.  I’ve had the entire weekend and consumed several alcoholic beverages and am still angry about what I watched on Friday.

I called Direct TV to get a new receiver as mine will never be the same after having recorded those 2 shows.  I didn’t know how to explain it to Direct TV, but my receiver was actually a little bit stupider after recording them.  The Direct TV guy said he understood and would send a new one out immediately and apologized for his company letting those 2 shows air.

I’m not going to spend time recapping various scenes in the shows as they were all bad.  Here is a link to a review of both shows by some guy in Hollywood if you are dying to read about the shows (EW.Com).

I actually think MIDWEST MARK should start covering these 2 shows.  They are truly modern horror stories.