Talia In The Kitchen

For the most part we leave Nickelodeon alone to quietly pollute our children’s minds with awful programming and commercials.  I said for the most part.  Last night my kids (13 &11) were watching a show called Talia In The Kitchen and I got sucked in.

As I watched, I kept getting madder and madder at the plot of the show.  At one point I was punching my couch I was so mad.  Of course my kids thought the show was funny and dad punching the couch and mumbling angry sentiments was just icing on the cake.

So why spend the time and effort to put out this post you ask?  I think we have to draw the line somewhere.  There comes a point where a show can do so much damage to a child that you just can’t undo it later.  Honestly, this show is a threat to both our children and our future as a country.  I don’t think I’m using too much hyperbole here.

I know you need some background before I get too angry and go off on a rant.  14 year old Talia (pay attention, she’s 14) while visiting her grandmother discovers she has a the gift of cooking.  What’s her gift you ask?  She’s really good at seasoning food with just the right amount of salt and pepper (I’m not kidding).  So what’s the next logical move?  Of course, reopen the family’s restaurant that closed when your adult parents died.

So am I supposed to just gloss over the fact that we are letting a 14 year old become the head chef of a restaurant?  I get kid power and all, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t even legal.  I tried to find a clip of the show to illustrate my next point, but when she is at the restaurant they show her cooking like one thing and she has maybe one person helping her.  Come on, kitchens at actual restaurants are crazy busy.  I also love how all the girls in the restaurant have long hair and aren’t wearing hair nets.  Good grief.

There’s also a scene in the episode I watched where the ridiculous stereotypical Hispanic grandmother takes her dress shopping.  Best I can tell the grandmother was trying to make this 14 year old look like the Chiquita Banana girl.  Oh, the store they went to had one long rack of god forsaken dresses.  Seriously, how is that store staying in business.  I mean retail space is very expensive and you’ve got this whole store with just one rack of awful dresses.  That’s a tough business model.

When I went to Wikipedia to see about who produced this awful awful show I was surprised to find out it wasn’t the Taliban.  I would have thought they infiltrated Hollywood and produced this show to slowly turn our children into morons so that they could one day take us over.

I’m done talking about this show as I’m just a little stupider for thinking about it again.  I now have a new show that I hate even more than Big Brother, so thanks Nickelodeon.