The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead – Season 5 Midseason Premiere

February 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

Alternate title:  MIDWEST MARK’S Triumphant Return to Form. How fitting that I return to the proverbial bloggy fray by way of the same show I started with… THE WALKING DEAD.  For those of you who don’t know me, I was the one MIDWEST TV GUY who actually watched guy-centric TV.  For the last year and a half, you have put up with MIDWEST MIKE talking about rose ceremonies and waxing poetic on his idiot-savant-level knowledge of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, while MIDWEST MO reviews ...Click for More

The Walking Dead – What to Expect

January 11, 2014 // 7 Comments

THE WALKING DEAD spontaneously healed all rifts it had with me with the midseason finale episode where they got back on the right track after nearly a full season’s worth of floundering.  I have a feeling that the character of The Governor was so popular with fans that they wanted to extend his life span a bit to the detriment of the show’s overall narrative.  Now that he is dead along with a bunch of others, where do they go from here? The midseason break did nothing to stop my ...Click for More

The Walking Dead – Season 4 First Half Review

December 2, 2013 // 0 Comments

AMC’s ratings monster THE WALKING DEAD just aired its midseason finale last night (to an incredible 12.1 million viewers).  I have been plenty critical of the past season and a half, but this episode proves that there is still plenty of bite hidden somewhere deep within in its bark. Allow me to give praise where praise is due: last night’s episode was incredible.  It proved my theory that the showrunners were desperately trying to turn their ship around and I am happy to say that ...Click for More

The Walking Dead and Dawson’s Creek?

November 25, 2013 // 2 Comments

Together they form… The Governor’s Creek.  This video clip hilariously and ironically summarizes all the terrible feelings I have toward this season of THE WALKING DEAD.  Two weeks ago was perhaps the worst episode of the series thus far with The Governor wandering around like a mute Jim Morrison/Jesus/Santa Claus. To be clear, I like DAVID MORRISSEY quite a bit and think he could play an excellent Governor-role if the writers would only allow for the role as it was originally ...Click for More

The Walking Dead Scores ‘Freaky Good’ Ratings

November 4, 2013 // 0 Comments

Perhaps you could say it… killed the competition.  Or maybe it walked away the winner?  Or how about this: a lot of people watched it.  There’s the cleverest headline of them all.  With an amazing 8.7 million adults tuning in this past Sunday, it won even up against the NFL. So let’s throw out a hypothetical here.  Where would this show be right now if it was actually good?  Not saying that THE WALKING DEAD is bad, it’s just unreliable.  This season is a marginal ...Click for More

Random Pic of the Day: “Dead Yourself”

October 13, 2013 // 1 Comment

So maybe this Random Pic of the Day thing is going to catch on.  But then again, maybe not.  It might be more of a “Random Pic of the Day Posted on Random Days”, that’s much more MWTVG of me. In honor of the season 4 premiere of THE WALKING DEAD, I highly recommend that you download the “Dead Yourself” app for your smartphone and go to town.  Somehow I turned out more Marilyn Manson than MIDWEST MARK, but whatever. MIDWEST MARK and his zombified MIDWEST WIFE say ...Click for More

The Walking Dead – Season 4 Premiere Review

October 13, 2013 // 0 Comments

I have come to realize over the past several years that THE WALKING DEAD is a show of moments.  What I mean by this is when the show is good, it’s fantastic.  But when the ‘good’ wears thin, its merely a tick or two above mediocre.  For instance, the first half of the first season was outstanding.  Then they got to the CDC and everything slowed down to a crawl.  Similarly, season two started strong, halted at the farm for a good long while, and ended as near-classic ...Click for More

The Walking Dead Season 4 Extended Trailer

September 12, 2013 // 0 Comments

I’m only semi-moderately excited for THE WALKING DEAD’S October return and admittedly, today’s new extended trailer does nothing to improve my outlook.  Although they claim that it’s “Season 4”, it looks more like Season 3.2 (assuming that I almost entirely disavow the latter .8 of season 3).  By the looks of it, they’re going to be in the prison for a long, long time.  And just when I thought that we had seen everything the prison had to offer.  If ...Click for More

Top Ten Fall Shows with Midwest Mark

September 2, 2013 // 0 Comments

Here at MWTVG, we’re all about consistency.  Do you like how our Two-a-Days feature evolved from a beautiful seed of an idea to spontaneous 4-a-Days, No-a-Days, actual 2-a-Days and now Top 10 lists?  If anything, we’re consistently inconsistent.  And that’s something, isn’t it? That’s what you get when three mildly overweight midwestern guys who drink a little too much decide to start blogging one day.  If there’s elegance in simplicity, we’re ...Click for More

SDCC 2013 Panels Galore!

July 22, 2013 // 0 Comments

It’s that time of year again when the geeks of the world gather to plot their impending global dominance through everything entertainment related.  Yes, it’s SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2013 and it just wrapped up this weekend.  Among all of the social awkwardness, fantasy costumes and acne medication were some very compelling insights into the inner workings and future plans of some of our favorite television shows. Do you hear that, MIDWEST MO?  Television shows.  Not movies. ...Click for More

Bad Lip Reading – The Walking Dead

May 6, 2013 // 0 Comments

Bad Lip Reading is hilarious.  If you haven’t been privy to it in the past, most of their videos are worth checking out.  They parody everything from sports to movies and essentially botch translations of deaf people reading lips.  Which makes me wonder if amateur deaf people think that I’m saying a bunch of ridiculous stuff that I’m not really saying.  At least the blind can’t possibly misinterpret the ridiculous stuff that I’ve been typing.  Thank baby jesus ...Click for More

The Walking Dead – Season 3 Finale

March 31, 2013 // 2 Comments

Let me just cut to the chase:  I call major shenanigans on this entire season.  The finale, which for all intensive purposes should have been jaw-droppingly epic, crumbled hard out of an infuriating sense of uneventfulness. To add insult to injury, we have now deviated so far away from the original storyline that it is merely a hazy bastardization of what it should have been.  I hate hating on THE WALKING DEAD.  I truly love the show.  But there has hardly been any redeeming value in it ...Click for More

The Walking Dead – This Sorrowful Life

March 25, 2013 // 1 Comment

Shame on me for missing the newest episode of THE WALKING DEAD last night.  Me and my MIDWEST WIFE held an impromptu TRUE BLOOD Season 1 marathon, and since THE WALKING DEAD has mainly consisted of ho-hummery as of late, we continued the marathon in spite of anything else. For those of you unacquainted with TRUE BLOOD, season 1 is extremely good television.  Same with season 2 and peaking in a phenomenal season 3 that pushed the envelope of horror in about every conceivable way. ...Click for More

The Walking Dead – Prey

March 17, 2013 // 0 Comments

It is clearly established that everybody in the world hates Andrea.  In fact, the newly minted Pope Francis I is a huge WALKING DEAD fan and allegedly leads his flock to petitionary prayer-athons for Baby Jesus to personally guide Andrea into a sea of hungry walkers.  In full disclosure, I may or may not be embellishing the last part a bit.  So what are the show creators to do with all of this?  How about present an episode focused almost solely around Andrea and then not kill her. At least ...Click for More

The Walking Dead – Arrow on the Doorpost

March 10, 2013 // 0 Comments

Alternate episode title:  Rick Makes Faces While The Governor Talks. Substitute alternate episode title:  Momentum Killer If last week’s episode made me forget all about the Ghost Lori-era of this season, this week’s episode almost made me reminisce on Ghost Lori as better times.  Good lord it was lame.  The “much anticipated” meeting between Rick and The Governor?  Not so much.  I keep waiting for something big to happen but everything stays so vanilla as we head ...Click for More
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