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The Office Hobbit

December 15, 2014 // 1 Comment

Saturday Night Live has had a couple of pretty solid weeks in a row now. I’m not ready to say that things are looking good there just yet, but they are seemingly headed in the right direction. Apart from the writing, what I’ve noticed for them to have a good show is less an issue with the writers and more an issue with who the guest host is. Right now, the cast is not strong enough to be able to carry a weak host all by themselves. They need the host to do a good job and be a strong ...Click for More

The Office – It Ends Tonight

May 16, 2013 // 1 Comment

[yop_poll id=”9″] So it all ends tonight, provided NBC doesn’t cancel The Office in the next 8 hours.  It’s been a great run for a great show.  With 30 Rock ending this year and all the sitcoms NBC has cancelled, all we will be left with next season is a show about a community college that takes 7 years to graduate. TV Guide, who for some reason gets much better access to information than us, recently sat down with the producers and cast members to discuss how they ...Click for More

Steve Carell Will Do The Office Finale

May 7, 2013 // 0 Comments

Kudos to the producers of The Office.  The finale airs on May 16 and all anyone seems to be talking about is will he or won’t he? Will Steve Carell show up for the finale or won’t he?  Well apparently, Steve Carell will do The Office Finale after all.  Executive Producer Greg Daniels was very cagey when asked about Carell’s return causing even more speculation that Michael Scott will show up in the finale of The Office when it airs next week.  Adding fuel to the fire, on ...Click for More

The Office – It’s Over in 14 Days

May 2, 2013 // 1 Comment

I am sitting around thinking about what’s on TV tonight and realized that The Office is done in 14 days.  The speculation on the series finale has focused on whether Steve Carell would appear in the finale or not.  Show creator Greg Daniels told US Weekly no. I happen to be in the camp that is OK with that.  There are a lot of story lines that need to be resolved in the final 3 episodes and an appearance by Michael Scott could rob us of the time needed to satisfactorily cover ...Click for More

Around The Web

March 8, 2013 // 1 Comment

Did you write the book of love and do you have faith in God above?  If the bible tells you so.  D. Mclean If nothing else, it’s Friday and here’s what is going on around the web today. In what is sure to a be a run away smash hit, Michael Lohan has landed his own reality TV show.  The title – Celebrity Cheaters.  Note to all celebrities, you now need to start keeping track of where Michael Lohan is at all times.  If he’s standing next to you at the club, it’s ...Click for More

New Show Idea

November 8, 2012 // 0 Comments

As we only have about 9 loyal fans now (I know it went up from 8 yeah), we are not raking in the money over here yet.  So the staff at MWTVG all have day jobs.  My day job involves a profession that is never the subject of any TV shows – accounting. There are tons of police, lawyer, and hospital shows.  Hell, there is even a ridiculous show about 2 broke girls trying to start a cupcake business.  Why aren’t there any shows about accountants?  We are fun people – ask ...Click for More

There Will Be No Schrute Family Spin-Off

October 29, 2012 // 0 Comments

Rainn Wilson of THE OFFICE, announced that NBC has passed on the spin-off THE FARM which would have starred the Shrute family on their farm.  While NBC has decided not to order the pilot up in to a series, they will air the pilot as an episode of THE OFFICE. The Shrute’s were the best chance for a spin-off from this series and NBC passing on it means that when THE OFFICE ends after this season, that it will be gone forever. Is that good news or bad ...Click for More

The 10 Funniest Women on TV (currently)

October 25, 2012 // 3 Comments

So MIDWEST MO wrote an article the other day asking if women are actually funny.  If you are not a fan of 30 ROCK, you probably missed his reference to the show since that is a question that was asked on last week’s episode. So before anyone runs off thinking that we here at MWTVG don’t recognize funny when we see it, here are what I think, and we all know that what I think is what matters, are the top 10 funniest women currently (this isn’t an all-time list, they have to be ...Click for More

David Silver’s Triumphant Return to TV

October 20, 2012 // 2 Comments

Brian Austin Green (BEVERLY HILLS 90210) is returning to TV with a new show on TBS that will be premiering on November 10.  WEDDING BAND will follow 4 guys who perform in a, wait for it, wedding band, who are lost and seemingly unwilling to grow up.  The show stars Austin Green as one of the band members along with Harold Perrineau (OZ) who has been having an outstanding season as Damon Pope on this season of SONS OF ANARCHY.  The female lead on the show is Melora Hardin (THE OFFICE) who ...Click for More

Around The Web…

October 19, 2012 // 0 Comments

New segment, thought we’d give it a try: COMMUNITY snubbed in favor of WHITNEY LAST RESORT recap BONES spoilers and predictions for November HUFFINGTON POST TV updates None of it is as good as our original content, but we know most of our followers like pushing ...Click for More

The Office

October 4, 2012 // 0 Comments

So it’s the final season of THE OFFICE and I just caught my first episode of the season. What I liked was that they returned to their roots and had Jim play a good prank on Dwight. The characters are starting to develop their exit strategies so its feels a bit like watching people try to get to one of the many partially full life boats on the Titanic. On an unrelated side note, WTF McDonalds? I have been playing Monopoly for 20 years now and haven’t won anything better than a small ...Click for More