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November 27, 2012 // 0 Comments

     Take a break from shopping.. Is there such a thing as too much cleavage?  (TV Guide) No love for Matt Lauer (The Daily Beast) The 1/2 man from TWO AND A HALF MEN trashes his own show.  He gets paid $350,000 per episode and this is how he acts.  I’m sure producers are lining up to get him in their next project. (You Tube) TV’s 7 Deadly Sins – interesting article about how TV has become an outdated mode of entertainment due to various social influences.  (The TV ...Click for More

To Kill a Mockingbird…

October 27, 2012 // 0 Comments

When I read that book in HS, I thought to myself “why do I have to read this book and what good will it do me in the future?”  Well, just 4 short years later (go with me on this) and it’s finally paid off.  I got to use it in the title of a blog post.  Suck it Boo Radley! So anyway, I watched MOCKINGBIRD LANE on NBC last night and while it wasn’t as bad as some have said, it wasn’t great either. First, you should not in any way think that you can watch this show ...Click for More


October 24, 2012 // 4 Comments

In an effort to bring heavy-hitting, timely and relevant journalism to the front pages of MWTVG, I have thus far overlooked one show that ought to be held in the annals of history as one of the finest specimens of television filmmaking… I would of course be talking about SUPERNATURAL. Which is a shameful omission because of how much I love this show.  Now I’m not going to come at you with a review of this week’s episode right now because a) I haven’t sat down to watch ...Click for More