Taco Bell Launches Cold War Against McDonalds

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One of our favorite things to discuss here at MWTVG aside from TV shows is the commercials that are as much a part of TV as any show is. We’ve talked about commercials that are awesome (somewhat rare) and we talk about commercials that are terrible (more often than not). We just love commercials. You can click on our commercials category on the sidebar to see all the commercials we’ve talked about. It’s a big subject here.

Today I’m talking about a new one from Taco Bell and yes, this one is good.

Taco Bell has been trying to break in to the fast food breakfast category for a while now. They have not had a huge amount of success doing so. Aside from the products they are trying to offer, which aren’t good, there is the fact that in the fast food world, McDonald’s owns breakfast.

Taco Bell is taking a shot at McDonald’s with this commercial that is really more of a short film. Will it change the game? No. It won’t because in the end it still comes down to products. Right now Taco Bell doesn’t have the products that make me think of going there if I’m eating breakfast on the go. When the day comes that Taco Bell can do something better than a McGriddle, then they’ll have my real interest. Until that day though, McDonald’s will still be the place to go for fast food breakfast.

That aside. This short film is very well done. It’s a look at a dystopian world that is run by communist clowns. ┬áThe idea is that you only go to McDonald’s because you don’t have any other choice. They are setting up McDonald’s as the bad guy and they have done a good job with their message here. Again, it won’t change the game, but this commercial is very well done and one you might be interested in.

Taco Bell Launches Cold War Against McDonald’s

Nice job Taco Bell. You’ve got one part of your strategy down. Start with the message. Now you need to really focus on the product. You are failing miserably at that part of this game. Until you get that figured out, McDonald’s will still be the king of the Kremlin.

taco bell