Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho Run

taco bell grilled stuft nacho run

taco bell grilled stuft nacho runI’m back to talk about another commercial. I do love talking about them. The good and the bad. The one I want to talk to you about now is the Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho Run commercial. You know the one? You probably do. It’s the one with the kid running away from a girl’s father. Well, I’ve got some points to make about this commercial.

First, let me say that I have tried Taco Bell’s grilled stuft nacho and wow. They hit it out of the park. I have no issue with the product. That’s not what I’m here to talk about. I also don’t have any issue with the commercial itself. I think it’s fine. Surprisingly, I’m not here to complain about how bad a commercial is. While I do have an issue with the premise, overall I don’t really have any problems with the commercial itself. I have another point to make about this commercial. My point? What is the deal with the kid? Watch the commercial first so you can familiarize yourself with our subject matter.

Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho Run Commercial


First, let’s talk about the premise. Why is this kid running? From what I gather, he was at his girlfriend’s house without her parents being home and they came home early. Ok. It looks like they were eating Taco Bell though and not fornicating. Why does this mean the kid has to run? Look how angry that dad is too. He means business. The kid is fully dressed and unconcerned about the angry dad chasing him that he is able to take a bite of his delicious grilled stuft nacho. If he was doing something bad enough to cause a dad to be that angry chasing him, I would think he would be more concerned about making a clean escape. Since he’s got the need to run, let’s take a look at this situation.

taco bell grilled stuft nacho runLook at the start of this commercial. The kid is already out in the street. The dad, as you can see, is just getting off the porch. The kid has a huge lead. He should be able to get away pretty easily right? I mean he’s clearly a young guy, probably in pretty good shape, probably bathed in AXE body spray and what not, but still, in good shape. The dad is an old guy. No way he can catch that kid when he is so far behind already right? Well.

taco bell grilled stuft nacho runLook at how pissed that dad is. He is, in the words of my generation, bookin’. He’s covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. The kid, too obsessed with taking a bite of his dinner, and clearly comfortable with the thought he will smoke this old guy, doesn’t seem to notice that T2 is on his ass. By the end of the commercial look at the ground the dad has covered.

taco bell grilled stuft nacho runLook at this! That dad has covered a ton of ground. He’s closing the gap like an NFL linebacker. I don’t know what this kid did, but he better enjoy that stuft nacho because it appears as though it is going to be his last meal.