Susannah Collins Fired by Comcast SportsNet

susannah collinsSo reporter Susannah Collins during a Tuesday broadcast made a slight error, which she immediately corrected, and is now fired.  Here’s a link to the Chicago Tribune article which has a clip of her error.

She was employed by Comcast SportsNet, which released a statement that said her termination had nothing to do with the on air mistake and that the parties had decided to part ways.

There is speculation that videos from her past were the actual reason for her termination.  In the Chicago Tribune article was a link to some clips of those prior videos and they really didn’t seem all that bad.  Note, that she is conducting herself as a commentator in those videos, I’m afraid for where you mind may be at right now.

So what was the real reason for her firing.  We may never know.  It is interesting to note that CSN is owned 20% by NBC and 20% by the Cubs.  2 organizations that wouldn’t know the first thing about putting out a winning product. CSN is notorious for being pretty conservative (not politically, we don’t care about politics) when it comes to the behavior and comments of their on-air personalities. They don’t like their employees being critical of the teams they are covering which makes their “reporters” more like fan-boys and less like actual reporters. That’s fine for CSN. They can do what they want. They should just be more honest about it though and not pretend that this stuff doesn’t bother them.

I’m thinking Comcast should talk to the good people over at FOX.  You know the network that kicks the other networks ass when it comes to sports programing.  They are way more overtly sexual than the harmless stuff Susannah Collins put out.

Either way, we wish the best for Susannah.  She seems like a nice girl.