Survivor: San Juan del Sur Preview

Survivor blood vs boring

My favorite show on TV is back in one week. I know a lot of people hate reality TV and there is a lot of it out there that is bad, but not Survivor. This show is one of the better ones. This season will be the 29th season of Survivor which is pretty amazing. There have been good seasons and bad ones but lately, they have been pretty good. I’m hoping they continue their run of excellence this year. Let’s take a look at what we will get in our Survivor: San Juan Del Sur preview.

This season of Survivor will be another blood vs. water season. Last season was the first time they tried this idea but unlike last season where 1 member of each pairing was a previous contestant, this year everyone is new to the show. There were supposed to be 10 couples and 20 total survivors competing this season but just prior to filming, one of the pairs had to drop out due to a medical emergency. The producers decided not to replace the pair which also resulted in the first gender imbalance since Survivor: Fiji.

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur will also feature the return of Exile Island which we haven’t seen since Survivor: Tocantins back in early 2009. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since there has been Exile Island but it has been so it will be interesting to see it as part of the game again. They’ve been using Redemption Island instead for the last few seasons and originally producers had intended to have Redemption Island but they instead chose to use Exile Island.

As with previous Exile Island’s, the castaway sent there will be given a clue to a hidden immunity idol. The more times sent to Exile Island, the more clues they will get making it more likely that they will have an immunity idol. The immunity idol does little to protect the exiled from getting the boot though and if I were a contestant, I would do whatever I could to not get sent there. Building relationships is far more valuable than finding an idol. If you are constantly exiled, you will be on the outside of the game and your time will be short.

Let’s meet the contestants:

Survivor: San Juan del Sur Preview – The Teams (tribe in parenthesis)

Dale and Kelley Wentworth Survivor: San Juan del Sur previewDale Wentworth, 55 (Coyopa) and Kelley Wentworth, 28 (Hunahpu)

Dale and Kelley are a father/daughter pair from Washington State. Dale is a farmer and Kelley is a Marketing Manager.

Dale is the oldest contestant on this season which pretty much immediately rules him out for a chance to win. Kelley grew up on a farm and I’m sure knows how to work so I wouldn’t at this point rule her out for a chance. Her dad will need to go as far as he can for her to have a chance since we saw last year that pairs that were split did not last long after.

Meet Dale and Kelley – Survivor: San Juan del Sur Preview


Drew and Alec Christy Survivor: San Juan del Sur previewAlec Christy, 22 (Coyopa) and Drew Christy, 25 (Hunahpu)

Alec and Drew Christy are brothers from Winter Park, FLA. 22 year old Alec is the 2nd youngest competitor on this season but really, look at them both. They’ve got the long hair and serious look that says both “I’m a douche” and “I’ll be shirtless the entire season.” I would imagine these two are probably pretty good physically but we know on Survivor that the physical game really is about the smallest part of the game that matters. Plenty of weak people have won this game. It’s far more difficult to win this game as a strong physical player. If you want to win, be weak. Strength gets voted out quickly.

Meet Alec and Drew – Survivor: San Juan del Sur Preview


Jeremy and Val Collins Survivor: San Juan del Sur previewVal Collins, 35 (Coyopa) and Jeremy Collins, 36 (Hunahpu)

Val and Jeremy Collins are the only married couple on this season of Survivor. They are from Foxboro, MA.

Jeremy is a fireman and Val is a police officer so they should be a pretty interesting couple to watch.

I’ll be curious to see if Val tells everyone she is a cop. So far, people who have been cops, have kept that a secret. I don’t know that being a cop is necessarily a disadvantage but I guess cops know that in general, they aren’t well liked so there is no reason to give anyone even the slightest reason to want to boot you off the show.

Meet Val and Jeremy – Survivor: San Juan del Sur Preview


John Rocker and Julie McGee Survivor: San Juan del Sur previewJohn Rocker, 39 (Coyopa) and Julie McGee, 34 (Hunahpu)

Yes. He’s that John Rocker. You might remember him from his time as a professional baseball player who could not keep his mouth shut. He gave an interview to Sports Illustrated 14 years ago where he said some pretty terrible and stupid things. I won’t repeat them here because I think he’s an idiot and I don’t want to give him any more credit for that garbage he spewed. He is a long shot to win this thing because I am sure his mouth will be a problem. Sure he’s physical but again, that doesn’t really mean anything. He will talk himself right off this show.

I feel bad for his girlfriend Julie. She’s a pretty girl and I’m sure she’s nice and all but being associated with John Rocker doesn’t get you started on the right foot. Their only hope is that he has been gone from the game long enough and there are not baseball fans anywhere in the rest of the cast who recognizes him and remembers what he said.

Meet John and Julie – Survivor: San Juan del Sur Preview


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