Survivor Philippines – They Made a Big Mistake

Photo courtesy of CBS.

Photo courtesy of CBS.

In every season of SURVIVOR, there is an episode where the Survivors are at a pivotal moment and whatever decision they make will determine the outcome of the rest of the game.  SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES is no exception and we reached that episode tonight.  The Survivors had a big decision to make about who was going to be voted out and tonight, they made a big mistake.

If you remember last week, the Survivors beat the crap out of Abi (who totally deserves it because she has totally earned her title of most annoying Survivor ever) at tribal council but could not vote her out because she had the hidden immunity idol.  That left Abi in a position where she knew she was the #1 target for elimination in the next tribal council.  Everyone was on board with this plan.  What could go wrong?

Well, in the Survivor Auction, Abi saved her money for just the right moment where she won a bid for an advantage in the game.  That advantage allowed her to skip to the last stage of the immunity challenge.  The plan is still ok though because Abi has been terrible at challenges so she should still lose right?  It wouldn’t be SURVIVOR if there wasn’t a wrench thrown in everyone’s plans.  Abi won the immunity challenge and now everyone has to scramble to decide who will be eliminated next.

Photo courtesy of CBS.

The main alliance, with Lisa, Malcolm, Denise, and Scupin decide that they are going to take this opportunity to eliminate the main threat in the game, Jonathan Penner (who you might remember from this scene from SEINFELD).  Penner is one of the best strategic players to play the game so he is definitely a huge threat that needed to be dealt with.  Lisa told Penner what the plan would be despite their being friends and talking about playing together.  This was of course crazy of Lisa both because she shouldn’t have spilled the beans and because well, it was just crazy.  She has no idea what she is doing in this game and she is playing one of the most confusing games I’ve ever seen from someone who has made it to this point of the game.

At tribal council, Penner does what he does best and makes his case.  What he told the Survivors is 100% correct.  If you vote him out, and if Lisa and Scupin go with their alliance with Malcolm and Denise, then they are handing either Malcolm or Denise $1 million dollars.

He is exactly right.  None of the other Survivors (with the exception maybe of Carter) have a chance to beat Malcolm or Denise.  The right decision would be to vote Denise out at this point.  That would be the right decision.  Losers in the game of Survivor though don’t ever make the right decision and that was the case tonight.  For some reason, Lisa and Scupin decided to vote with Malcolm and Denise which will seal their fate.

The Survivors have 1 opportunity to take control of the game back from Malcolm and Denise and that would be to vote one of them out next week rather than voting out Abi.  Denise has a real hatred of Abi though so she will be lobbying hard to get rid of her.  Lisa is a moron in this game so who knows what she will do.  Scupin has proven himself to be no smarter than Lisa so my bet will be that they continue to vote with Malcolm and Denise and they will vote Abi out of the game if they can.

My two favorites to win this game right now are these two:

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Malcolm Freiberg (25) – Hermosa Beach








Photo courtesy of CBS.

Denise Stapley (41) – Cedar Rapids








There is a chance for the weak players to take control of the game but that would require them to do some thinking and use some strategy.  With Penner gone, there are no strategic thinkers left in the game other than Denise.  I think that this was the episode where a shift could have been made if the right decision was made but it wasn’t and now the wheels are in motion for one of these two to win this game.

What do you all think?  Who is your favorite so far?  Who do you think is going to win?  Let me know.  I love discussing Survivor.