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survivor-full-cast-galleryThe Survivor Philippines finale will be airing on CBS tomorrow night starting at 7pm.  I am a huge fan of Survivor, as are nearly 10 of our readers, so I wanted to talk about the finale and how I think this will play out.


First, let’s look at the Jury:

Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour – 26, New York, NY

roberta saint-amour


The first person voted on to the jury.  She hasn’t had too much reason to be too angry with the rest of the players so her vote won’t be based on anger or resentment.  She was on the Tandang tribe and was allied with Skupin.  If he makes it to the final 3, she’ll vote for him.  And for being such a supposedly smart woman, she’s 26 and is a big-time investment banker, she played the game terribly.  She didn’t even deserve to make it to the jury but her alliance got her farther in the game than she deserved.



Jeff Kent – 44, Austin, TX

jeff kent


Jeff came in to the game needing to hide a big secret.  He is a former major league baseball player who has made millions of dollars during his career.  If the others figured out who he was, he would have been voted out on principle.  But he hid his secret (Sarah had figured it out but kept the secret safe for some reason) and managed to make it to the jury.  Jeff was on the Kalabaw tribe that got wiped out after the merge.  There are no surviving original Kalabaw members left in the game so Jeff won’t be voting based on alliance and he didn’t seem to get screwed over by anyone so I don’t think he will be voting from anger too.  His vote is unpredictable.  We’ll see what his question to the finalists is like.  This is where we see the true feelings that sometimes get edited out.

Artis Silvester – 53, Terrytown, LA



Artis is crazy.  Really.  He didn’t have any strategy in the game and nothing he did really ever made sense. A Tandang tribe member, he was aligned with Abi and Pete and they treated everyone else like garbage when they thought they had the power.  The tables turned on him and the rest of his alliance and how his whole alliance is on the jury.  He will hold a grudge against Skupin and Lisa so my guess is that his vote will swing towards Denise if she makes it to the final tribal council.



Peter “Pete” Yurkowski – 24, Holmdel, NJ

pete yurkowski


Pete is a guy that thought he was in control of the game.  He said to the camera more than once that he was the one making all the decisions.  The Survivor producers are big fans of hubris and whenever they show someone claiming to be in control of the game, you can bet they are being set up for a big fall.  Pete was also an incredible jerk to those around him when he thought he was in control.  Being a former Tandang member who got blindsided by his tribe, I’m sure he will hold a grudge.  My bet would be that his vote is leaning towards Denise or Malcolm.



Jonathan Penner – 50, Los Angeles, CA


jonathan penner


Penner was one of the returning players that was brought to this game because he was injured in his season and was given a 2nd chance to play Survivor.  Penner turned out to be, in my opinion, one of the best strategic players the game has seen.  He understands the strategy of the game, knows how votes should go, and is able to communicate with people in a way that builds alliances and doesn’t burn bridges.  He was voted out because of the threat he represented.  If he made it to the end, he would have won the game.  As it stands, he is on the jury.  His vote will be interesting.  Being such a huge fan of the game, he will respect people who played the game well.  I have a feeling that he will vote for Lisa if she makes it to the final or Denise if not.

Carter Williams – 23, Shawnee, KS

carter williams


One of the youngest players in the game and frankly not very smart.  He didn’t really play much of a game at all.  He was a member of the Kalabaw tribe and was at the bottom of his alliances.  He made it as far as he did just because he was not a threat to anyone but when there were no other Kalabaw people to vote out, Carter was gone.  I feel that Carter will be leaning towards Malcolm if Malcolm is in the final.  If he’s not there, he’ll probably vote for Denise.




Abi-Maria Gomes – 32, Los Angeles, CA

abi-maria gomes


Dubbed the most annoying Survivor in history, and a title that she totally earned, Abi is the 2nd to last member of the jury.  She was a member of Tandang and and rubbed everyone the wrong way.  She hasn’t gotten along with many people on the show and she felt like she was abused by everyone.  She will be pretty angry when given her chance to ask the finalists questions at the final tribal council.  If Denise is in the final 3, look out.  Abi will be voting for Malcolm if he is in the final 3.  If not, then she will be voting for anyone that is not Denise.


The Final Four:

Malcolm Freberg – 25, Hermosa Beach, CA

malcolm freberg


One of the biggest threats to win the game.  If he doesn’t win the final immunity challenge, he will probably end up on the jury.







Michael Skupin – 50, White Lake, MI



One of the other two people brought back to the game after having been injured in a previous season of Survivor, Skupin could be the clumsiest Survivor I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never seen a guy hurt himself so much or so often.  Now I’m sure the producers have played that up but still, if he wasn’t doing it, there wouldn’t be footage of it to edit in to the show.  Skupin is a Tandang member and his alliance has made it to the end of the game.  I don’t think he has played a very good game either strategically or tactically and I don’t think he deserves to win.  He will make it to the final 3 but will not win this game.


Denise Stapley – 41, Cedar Rapids, IA

denise stapley


Denise is one of the best women who has ever played this game.  She hasn’t gotten herself to the end by using sexuality or flirting like most of the other female players who have lasted long in previous Survivors.  Denise is strong and smart and has held her own in every challenge.  She, along with Malcolm, is one of the only 2 surviving members of the original Matsing tribe.  She has fought her way through the demise of her original tribe, got absorbed by another tribe and survived that, and then survived the individual game to the final 4.  If she doesn’t win the immunity challenge though, she will be out of the game.  No one can afford to have her at the final tribal council.  For her, immunity = $1 million dollars.

Lisa Welchel – 49, Dallas, TX

lisa welchel


As a former child star, Lisa had a secret like Jeff Kent that she had to hide.  If people found out she had been a TV star, they would have voted her out of the game on principle.  No one but Penner figured out her secret which shows A) how young most of the cast of this season of Survivor was and B) how little Facts of Life held up with those who are old enough to have been around when it was on.  Lisa represents the kind of player that I hate the most in this game.  Older lady who isn’t a threat to anyone at all who doesn’t ever win any challenges, never wins immunity, and never has to make any decisions that upset people.  She gets carried along for her vote and here she is at the end.  She deserves to win this game the least out of any people left in the game.  She will be in the final 3, but I don’t see her winning.  If she wins, it will be a real travesty.


My prediction for the winner of the game will depend on the outcome of the final immunity challenge.  The game is going to be won by either Malcolm or Denise.  Whichever of them wins the last immunity challenge will win the game.

What are your predictions?  Who do you think is going to win?

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  1. Skupin figured out who Lisa was not Penner.

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