Survivor Philippines – And the Winner is

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41 year old Denise Stapley from Cedar Rapids, IA was named the winner of Survivor Philippines tonight.  She won the vote from the jury in a vote of 6-1-1 which, after watching the final tribal council, was quite a surprise.

The final tribal was much more of a surprise than I had expected.  We know that the people on the jury are going to be mad and this time was no different.  What surprised me was the anger shown towards Denise.  I have said before that the final tribal brings out things we might not know about because we can’t see everything and some things have to be edited.  We saw that tonight.  Denise had apparently upset far more people than we had known about playing the game and the jury unleashed a lot of venom at her.

My feeling at the end of the council was that Skupin was probably going to win.  There were people so angry at Denise that they just weren’t going to vote for her.  There was no way that Lisa was going to win (she surprisingly got a vote from RC which again shows that RC isn’t as smart as her bio makes her out to be) so the only other choice would be Skupin.

How about Penner?  How mad was he?  He really went after Lisa and he spilled her secret for the jury.  Lisa had to expect that.  She tried valiantly to deflect the damage with her claim that no one else talked about their jobs when they were teenagers but come on Lisa, there is a bit of a difference.  I don’t think it hurt her any since no one but RC was going to vote for her anyway, but it was sure funny that he dropped the dime on her at this stage of the game.

Reunion Re-cap:

Jeff asked the jury who they would have voted for if Malcolm had made it to the final and Denise still would have won.

I was impressed that Abi admitted how much growing she needed to do.  It took a lot of guts for her to admit that.  Not many of us would like to have ourselves portrayed how she was portrayed on the show and we might have hidden from the criticism.  She stood up and admitted she was wrong.

Lisa won the $100,000 prize for the fan favorite.

Artis was very funny talking about how the show edited him.  He said that even he started to believe that he was an angry black man.

The show has been on for 25 seasons (12 years in real people time) and has done some innovating things.  They are always working on making changes and improvements.  I have some that I would like to suggest:

  1. Get away from the 3 person final.  Go back to the 2 person final and make it an either/or choice.
  2. Allow hidden immunity idols to be kept secret until after the votes are read if necessary.
  3. Do a season of all women or all men or all older people or all younger people.  Remove the advantages or disadvantages from being in any of those groups and see what the game is like when everyone comes from the same place.
  4. Bring back redemption island.  Let people try to play their way back in to the game.

Well it was a good season.  I was entertained with this season and really enjoyed it.  I am looking forward to the next season.  The next season will be another fans vs. favorites in the Caramoas Islands.  I’m looking forward to it.  Can’t wait to see who the cast will be.