Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Premiere

survivor millennials vs gen x premiere

Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Premiere

survivor millennials vs gen x premiereSurvivor season 33, yes 33, premiered this week. As with nearly every other season of Survivor now, there are teams set up to pit one specific group of people vs another. This season the two teams are based on generations. Millennials vs Gen X.

They have done divisions before like brains vs beauty vs brawn and old vs young and men vs women and all of that. This is their first shot at a specific generational game.  The obvious reason they are doing this is because everyone in the world hates Millennials. We all know they suck.  Even they know they suck. Seriously.

So the theme of the show is going to look at these two generations and see which one is really better. This isn’t going to be an actual test of anything of course because the casting of the show isn’t really designed to find a good test of anything. They cast this show to create drama. Are you a pretty normal person who gets along with everyone and just wants to solve problems? You aren’t getting on Survivor. Are you a lunatic who immediately blows the tiniest comments up in to world war level conflicts and is totally and completely incapable of working with anyone else on anything at all? Oh, you’re perfect. Even better if you’ve never stepped a food outside in your life other than to go to Starbucks or Ambercrombie.

This season is no different. The casting is designed to cause conflict and problems and even after 32 previous seasons, people still amazingly come in completely unable to interact effectively or to even keep their mouth shut at the right time. It is fascinating behavior.

“Hey, we all just landed on the island, let me tell 5 of you what I don’t like about you and why I’m so important.”  This happens season after season and people never learn. They land on the island or wherever and immediately get people to hate them. It’s amazing.

In the premiere episode we had exactly that. I’m not going to pretend to know anyone’s names yet and it’s way too early to care about anyone but we had some needless conflict that quickly identified early targets for the boot.

Add to that something that has never happened in the 33 seasons of Survivor. They actually had to evacuate people for safety as a cyclone was bearing down on Survivor island. This turned out to be great news for the Millennials as they had spent their first night partying together and not actually building their shelter that they would need to protect them from the elements. This is of course in no way indicative of their work ethic or their understanding of what it means to have to do things to survive in a harsh environment that may mean something other than Snap Chatting a picture of the beach to their followers. No. It’s not that.

The rest of the premiere was pretty standard really. After everyone came back from the brief evacuation, they went in to the elimination challenge. Something that seems to be a truism of Survivor challenges showed up here in the premiere. Whenever there is a puzzle involved, whoever gets to the puzzle first is not going to win.

I don’t know if CBS edits the challenges that way on purpose or if that is really the way the contests play out, but whoever gets to any puzzle first, no matter how big their lead, loses nearly 100% of the time.  If this is CBS editing in the drama, they need to stop because it’s very nearly becoming a Survivor trope.

So the Millennials ended up winning the first challenge sending Gen X to tribal council. The first person voted out was one of the people who could not stop running her mouth and it was no surprise. Even she knew she was in trouble as she tried to apologize before the vote but by then it was way too late. I’m sure she has been in that situation many times before where her mouth has gotten her in trouble which is why she recognized her peril. You would think that in the 33rd season with people who are all claiming to be big fans of the show, that everyone would arrive at the set with the knowledge that I will not be a jerk in any way, especially not early because that is one of the fastest ways off the show in the early voting rounds.

There weren’t any fireworks really and the show played out somewhat boringly but I’m sure we’ll have big drama in later episodes. The Millennials will no doubt have a melt down or two very soon as they are likely to revolt against the show’s producers telling them that they have been on the Island for a week now and they should all just be made champions of the show for their perseverance and hard work.

Tune in next week to find out.

Survivor airs on CBS Wednesdays at 7pm.  I’ll be following this season so be sure to check me out weekly because you know how much you value my opinion and witty insight.