Survivor Meltdown

brandon hantz survivorAre any of you watching Survivor Caramoan?  This is another fans vs. favorites season and despite my earlier criticism of the “favorites“, the season has been pretty good.  The favorites have, up until tonight, been destroying the fans of the show and went in to tonight’s episode with a 3 person lead.  Then we had what can only be described as the biggest Survivor meltdown in Survivor history.

Brandon Hantz, who you know is related to the most infamous Survivor ever, Russell Hantz, will take over the mantle tonight as the craziest player ever to be on Survivor.  After showing signs of being unstable last week, he bared his soul to the team and told them he was about to go crazy and destroy their shelter and food supply.  This did not set will with his team and they decided that even though Brandon says he is back on board now, that he is too unstable to trust and he would be the next eliminated when they had the chance.

survivor phillipEnter this guy.  Phillip.  For some reason, Phillip thinks he is in charge of everything.  The favorites might be letting him think that for now because it’s convenient, but there is no way he is in charge.  Brandon decided that tonight, he had had enough of Phillip and their conversation escalated in to the historic Survivor meltdown by Brandon.

When the teams showed up for the elimination challenge, the favorites had already decided that they would forfeit the challenge so they could go to tribal council and vote Brandon off the show.  The fight that occurred at the immunity challenge was epic.  Jeff handled the situation surprisingly well and kept the volatile situation from escalating in to an actual physical confrontation.  Never in the history of the game has anyone behaved like Brandon did.  As a Hantz, I’m sure he will be more than happy to try to capitalize on his behavior (you can go to Russell’s twitter feed to see how they are playing this up), but he should really be embarrassed.  For all his talk of family and loyalty and honor and religion, he showed that all of that was just garbage being spewed out of his mouth.  The Hantz family continues to show that they are good at talking about how great they are but are terrible at actually showing it by their actions.

Brandon was voted out of the game at an impromptu tribal council and he was immediately removed from the game.  Brandon told the fans that he was giving them a chance to get back in the game but that is just more Hantz mouth-running.  Brandon’s leaving the game will do nothing to help the fans and will only help to strengthen the already dominant favorites team.

Here’s Brandon’s get to know you video:


Now that Brandon is gone, the show will go back to the normal drama that is to be expected on Survivor.  The favorites are dominating the game and will, barring injury or a game shake-up, will continue to dominate the game.

You can watch Survivor Caramoan on CBS on Wednesdays at 7:00.