Survivor: Blood vs. Water ep. 9

survivor blood vs water9 weeks down with Survivor: Blood vs. Water. The drama continues to increase and no one feels secure. We are reaching the point where alliances are going to be tested and players are starting to weigh their options. Who is going to flip on their alliance next? Head inside and we’ll discuss this week’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Spoilers ahead so beware.

SURVIVOR: TOCANTINALet me say first that Tyson is becoming my favorite player. I never liked him on either of his previous seasons but I am liking him a lot this season. He seems to really be paying attention to the ins and outs of the game. He read the tea leaves correctly last week and executed a blind-side on Aras and took out a major threat. This of course angered several players but Tyson’s reasoning is solid and like I have always said, everyone is looking to stab someone. There is only one winner. In the end, unless you are a weak player like Tina who gets carried through the game, you are going to have to upset someone to win. Tyson knows this and is making moves early when there will be less effect on the jury rather than making the moves later in the game where wounds will be fresh just before the final vote.  I think it’s a big uphill battle for Tyson to win this game but I like how he is playing right now and having an idol makes him a threat to win.

First immunity challenge:

The nasty food challenge came back! This challenge comes down to who can better manage mind over matter. The food is nasty, and still alive for the most part, so you just have to suck it up and get through it. Whoever wants it the most is going to win. It’s as simple as that.

grubGervais was nearly able to redeem himself from his season 1 failure to eat enormous grubs. It seemed for a bit like he was going to pull it off but in the end, Monica was able to pull off her first win of the season. I applaud everyone in this challenge. I know for me, I wouldn’t make it past the first round because I wouldn’t even play.

First tribal council:

vytasRedemption island needs to be refilled quickly so there are two immunity challenges and two tribal councils in this episode. The first tribal council added insult to injury to the Baskauskas family. Brother Aras was blind-sided last week and now the other brother Vytas meets the same fate in the first tribal council. It’s not a terribly surprising vote except for Monica switching her vote at tribal council. If there is one thing that anyone who plays the game should know, you don’t switch your vote at the last minute like that. You upset your alliance members and make them think you are unstable. It wasn’t a good play on Monica’s part. She reacted to Vytas attacking her and it does show that she can’t be trusted. Her time in this game is short.

Second Immunity Challenge:

I’ll have you note the type of challenge that we had again. There hasn’t been a challenge that has had any swimming or running or strength at all in it since the merge. Strange right? Hmm. Very curious.

katie collinsGetting the win in this immunity challenge is one of the weakest players that I have ever seen play this game, Katie. It’s funny because it must run in the family because her mom Tina, an actual winner, is one of the other weakest players who has ever played.  Katie wins immunity and now Tina is in trouble. She tries to find the immunity idol but since it’s in Tyson’s pocket (and no one knows that), she was never going to find it.  Tyson by the way continues to be smart. He debated whether to tell his alliance that he already had the idol so they can all relax but he knows that this would instantly put a target on him so he says nothing. Smart. Tina is unable to find the idol that isn’t there and the players head to the 2nd tribal council of the show.

Second Tribal Council:

tina survivorTyson continues to show that he is able to be persuasive. You would think that Monica is the one in the most trouble but Tyson manages to convince people to vote for Tina. This is a smart play for a couple of reasons. First, the weak players have the best chance of winning this game. Someone like Tina can get carried to the end of the game because she is not a threat to anyone. She can just go along with anything and then go to the final tribal council knowing the don’t have any enemies on the jury because they didn’t have to make any of the tough calls that make people angry. They also get to say look how awesome I am. I am the weakest person here yet here I am at the end of the game so I must be great. It’s an argument that has won Tina and several other weak players this game. They are too much of a threat and she needed to go.

The other reason it’s a good idea to get rid of Tina is that she was part of one of the only duos remaining in the game. That is an automatic voting block of two votes that needed to be split up immediately. While Monica might have been the choice of some players, that would not be the smart move. That would be a move made out of annoyance and not strategy. Tyson’s leadership on this decision shows he is playing a good tactical game.

There are now three people on redemption island so we can expect a redemption island challenge next week. Currently inhabiting redemption island are the two brothers Vytas and Aras and new inhabitant Tina. I am pretty sure that the producers of Survivor love Tina and would love to have her back in the game so don’t be surprised if next week’s redemption island challenge is a crochet challenge.

That’s my take on the game. How about you? What do you think? Who is your favorite right now? Who are you dying to see get voted out? Be sure to let us know.