Survivor: Blood vs. Water ep. 8

survivor blood vs waterWe are through 8 weeks of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Can you believe it? Two months down and we are getting closer and closer to the end.  Head inside so we can discuss week 8 of Survivor: Blood vs. Water and as usual, beware, there are spoilers inside.

Final redemption island challenge:

I have accused Survivor before of setting up challenges to provide advantages to people they want to stay alive in the game and to disadvantage people they want to send home. This final redemption island challenge is exhibit 1 in my case. You can’t tell me that the selection of this particular challenge wasn’t designed to get rid of John. He’s been winning consistently on redemption island and it seemed as if there was nothing stopping  him from coming back to the game. He was good at strength contests and great at puzzles. There was nothing stopping him that is until the Survivor producers use the one challenge that a guy like John has a huge disadvantage in.

The three remaining survivors on redemption island were given the challenge of staying on a pole for as long as they can. The last one to touch the ground wins. Were the poles of different sizes to even out any advantage that a smaller player like a tiny woman might have? Of course not. As soon as I saw this challenge I knew that John was gone. He had no chance and he was predictably the first one out of the challenge. 12 days and several redemption island challenges later and the producers of Survivor give him the one challenge the know he can’t win.  Why? Because there would be no drama being added back to the game with John. He wasn’t in the game long enough to really have any enemies or friends. He didn’t get to build an alliance so adding him back to the game just adds a solo fish that would probably be quickly voted out. Either of the two women coming back to the game bring with them drama of alliances and voting blocks.  Also, the men already had the advantage in numbers with 6 men remaining to just 3 women prior to the redemption island challenge. Bringing John back to the game would make it 7 to 4 and the producers don’t want that. The men still have an advantage but now it’s 6 to 5 which means that it just takes 1 man to switch alliance to cause big drama and that’s what the producers want.

laura m survivorOk that’s the end of my rant. Laura M. ends up winning the final redemption island challenge and is now back in the game. Laura thinks she was fighting to get back in the game so she can help her daughter Ciera which is funny because Ciera said in a one on one to the camera that her mom coming back to the game would really screw things up for her and her game. Weird that Laura won then right? Hmm. The real funny thing is though that Ciera thinks she is playing a game. She and Katie might be the two weakest players who have ever played this game. Seriously. Those two have been carried along this entire season. Neither deserve to be here at this point but that’s how Survivor goes. The weaker you are, the better your chances.

SURVIVOR: TOCANTINA20 days in to the game and the first immunity idol is finally found. Tyson, who I have not liked until this season, found the first idol which could turn out to help get him to the end stages of the game. No one knows he has it and if he’s smart, and has learned anything from playing this game, he won’t tell a soul that he has this idol. I’m sure that he is going to do something stupid and trust someone that he shouldn’t and people will find out he has the idol but we’ll see. He has played a good game to this point and having the idol makes him a strong contender for the finale.


Immunity Challenge

Ok seriously. You have to see what’s going on here with this challenge. It’s a memory challenge. Is this what we can expect for the rest of the game? Will the next challenge be a crossword puzzle?  Maybe a word scramble?  A paint within the numbers challenge? I guess it will have to be something to negate advantages of strong players to allow the weak ones like Ciera and Katie and Tina to have a chance to stay alive in the game. If there weren’t challenges like this, they would quickly be eliminated.

Vytas ends up beating his brother in the immunity challenge but at this point of the game, having just merged, it’s really irrelevant who wins.  There are so many people to be voted out that one person winning individual immunity doesn’t change the game very much if at all.

Tribal Council

aras survivorSo we got a blindside. Tyson orchestrated a blindside that got Aras voted out.  I have thought, and I even said earlier in this very post, that Tyson was playing a good game. That is until now. While you might think that Tyson’s ability to orchestrate a blindside means that he has people aligned with him, I don’t see it that way. We are so early in to the merge that the players on the weak side of the game would go with anyone to vote out someone perceived to be in control of the game. Tyson rounded up the desperate and went against his own alliance to do it. I think he’s made a huge mistake and has put his faith in with the wrong people and he pulled the blindside too early. Now Tyson has a huge target on him with people that are very angry with him. Sure he has the immunity idol but that only saves him one time.  He pulled the trigger on this power play too early. I think Tyson is in trouble now.

Aras being voted out brought another twist to the game. We find out when Jeff is snuffing out Aras’ torch that he will have a chance to get back in the game. What???? Yes. We have another redemption island being formed. I love it. The game after the merge is where all the anger and resentment comes from. This is where people’s feelings really get hurt and where the rage really builds. Now those angry people are going to be sent to redemption island again? This is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

There are 10 players left in the game and 1 person currently inhabiting redemption island. Not counting Aras on redemption island, there are an even number of the two original tribes left at 5 to 5.  The anger of Tyson’s power play should have some interesting consequences. We are now getting to the part of this game where things will get really fun.

What do you all think? Do you have any predictions? Be sure to let us know.