Survivor: Blood vs. Water ep. 7

survivor blood vs water7 weeks in to Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Head inside and we’ll discuss the show. Warning: spoilers inside.

Redemption Island

At the end of last week’s episode, there was a teaser clip of Kat saying that her boyfriend Hayden was going to break up with her because no one would want to date someone who didn’t make it to the merge. When she first said it I thought it was a funny joke. When we got in to this week’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water however, I found out that she wasn’t joking. She was serious thinking that was going to happen.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that the people playing this game are of wide ranging ages and levels of life experience. When we see Kat having a breakdown over her boyfriend and being irrational we have to remember that she is only 23 and is pretty naive. I didn’t really fault her for her thinking.  I just felt sorry for her. When it was obvious that she wanted Hayden to switch places with her, I felt sorry for her that it was obvious that Hayden wasn’t going to do it.

This brings me to Hayden. I have to tip my hat to him for his handling of that situation. He knows that of the two in that couple, he has the best chance to win the game. If he was some chivalrous douche and gave his spot to Kat, she would get voted out post haste and he would have to fight for survival on redemption island. If he stays in the game, he is in a pretty good position. He handled that delicate situation with his crazy girlfriend like a man who is twice his age. I was impressed.  It shows too that Hayden has got a handle on this game and you don’t win Big Brother like Hayden did without having a good social game.

kate dorssonThe redemption island challenge was a puzzle that isn’t easy. This plays right in to John’s hands. He’s a military doctor. He’s plenty smart enough for puzzles and he has the experience to stay calm in any situation. Watch out for next week’s redemption island (the last of the season) where the challenge will be tying surgical knots.

Kat, like she predicted, ended up losing the redemption island challenge and is now out of the game.




Immunity Challenge

The immunity challenge was a challenge that somehow eliminated any advantage an all-male team would have against a team of all women. Weird. It’s almost as if the producers of Survivor pick challenges trying to engineer wins for certain teams. Weird right?

So the challenge ended up being pretty close. For a second there I thought that Galang was going to win. They managed to come back though and snatch defeat right from the jaws of victory.  Galang lost the immunity/reward challenge and was being sent to tribal council then.  It seemed as if Vytas was going to be in serious trouble. He’s the only guy on the tribe against an all-woman alliance. The decision seemed to be logical.  Logic and Survivor do not ever go hand in hand though and Laura B. opened her mouth too early and threw a wrench in the women’s plans.

Tribal Council

laura bonehamLaura B. opening her mouth and trying to be straight up with Vytas telling him that he was the one going home upset the other women in the tribe opening the door for Vytas to work his magic.  Laura’s mistake was enough to get her voted out by her tribe.

I haven’t checked twitter yet or seen the reaction from the Boneham clan, but I would suspect we get lots and lots of righteous indignation from Rupert. He is going to complain about how playing the game with honor and integrity gets you voted out and how everyone else but them is a slimy weasel and you know what Rupert? That’s exactly right. That’s how this game has been played from the very beginning. It’s not something new. Everyone knows it and only people who lose bitch about it.

Next week is the end of redemption island. Someone is coming back to the game which will give us 11 players in the game. I suspect that we will get the redemption island challenge and then a team merge.

Whoever wins redemption island and comes back in the game is going to have an impact on the rest of the season. The weak women alliance of Galang could be a force (chuckle) to be reckoned with if Laura M. comes back to the game.  If not, then the weak women of Galang are possibly in trouble however weakness in Survivor is actually a huge strength so maybe not.

My favorites to win right now are either Tyson or Hayden. If John wins redemption island and gets back in the game then he is a huge threat too.  What do you all think?  Who are you rooting for and who can’t you stand?  Let me know.

Survivor: Blood vs. Water airs on CBS Tuesdays at 7:00.