Survivor: Blood vs. Water ep. 6

survivor blood vs waterCan you believe that we are now 6 weeks through Survivor: Blood vs. Water? Time is flying with this show and things are really starting to get interesting.

Let’s head inside so we can discuss this weeks Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Beware, thar be spoilers ahead.

Redemption Island

brad culpepperA lot of people finally got what they wanted this week.  Brad Culpepper is out of the game. For some reason he was a lightning rod in the first 5 weeks of this season and he had drawn a lot of rage towards him week after week.  Galang had to go to their first tribal council last week and they voted out the easiest choice, Laura M.

Laura turned out to be the nail in Brad’s coffin as she was the winner of the redemption island challenge with John Cody coming in 2nd place thus eliminating Brad.

FYI, be on the lookout for John. He has a long way to go to get back in the game but if he does get back, he is a force to be reckoned with.

After the redemption island challenge Jeff announced a twist in the game. Those who thought there was going to be a merge turned out to be wrong.  Instead the teams were re-shuffled causing a shift in power between the teams.

The new Galang tribe now has all women with 1 guy, Vytas.  The new Tadhana tribe is now all men with just 1 woman, Ciera.  The writing is on the wall for Tadhana and it’s not looking good.  We are not far from the merge but unless there are a lot of puzzle challenges, Tadhana is going to go to the merge with just 1 or 2 people left in the game.

tyson apostolWant to know something crazy? I’m really starting to like Tyson. I didn’t like him in either of the two previous Survivor season he played in, Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains, but I am starting to like him now in this season. I will make allowance for the fact that the producers are editing Tyson differently to have him play a different character but whatever it is, I’m a fan.  His food stealing is genius. He is doing it in a way that no one is catching on and he is masterfully manipulating people against Aras. I don’t know if Tyson is going to win this game, but I am starting to pull for him.  What do the rest of you think about him?


Immunity Challenge

So the teams were shuffled because the producers didn’t want Galang to completely wipe out Tadhana, which is what was happening.  Great.  The shuffle made the teams even in number but the producers didn’t get what they wanted.  The teams are very unbalanced strength wise which makes me think that we will be seeing a lot of puzzle challenges in the next few weeks so the women heavy team doesn’t get wiped out.

Heading in to this immunity challenge I was expecting a puzzle and it mostly was but there was a swim aspect to the puzzle. Galang completely screwed up and early in the game and put themselves way behind in the race but they were not out.  I don’t know what it is about these types of challenges in Survivor but it always happens this way.  If there are two phases to a challenge where the 2nd phase is a puzzle, it won’t matter how far behind 1 team may get.  They will always come back during the puzzle.  It’s weird but it always happens and it happened again tonight.

Tadhana should have been able to completely blow out Galang but they couldn’t get their puzzle right.  If Galang hadn’t prematurely celebrated a win, they probably would have won.  Tadhana got somewhat lucky winning this challenge tonight but luck is always a huge part of this game.

Tribal Council

kat edorssonWhat did you all think of how Vytas played this tribal council?  Clearly he was on the chopping block and by all rights, he should have been gone but he managed to save himself.  Do you all think that Vytas saved himself or do you think that Kat killed herself? I don’t think that Galang could afford to vote out Vytas, but that was the direction they were heading.  Kat was running her mouth too much about how upset she was with Monica and Tina smartly turned that in to energy against Kat.

Kat is now on redemption island along with John and Laura. I still think that John is the favorite to come out of redemption island. He’s very smart, he’s athletic, and as a doctor, he is able to stay calm and solve problems.

Well there we have it.  Week 6 of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.  Those are my thoughts. What did you all think of this week?