Survivor: Blood vs. Water ep. 5

survivor blood vs waterWe are done with 5 weeks of Survivor: Blood vs. Water and things are sure starting to get interesting.  If there is one thing that we have learned from all of the seasons of Survivor, it’s that pride goeth before the fall.

Come on inside for more in depth discussion and be warned, there are spoilers inside.

candice codyI said last week that I really hate Candice Cody. For someone who has played Survivor three times now, she sure doesn’t seem to understand how it works. Her rage towards Brad Culpepper was confusing to me. Like Brad had said in a previous episode, when a team loses, they have to vote someone out. This is Survivor, there is always someone in charge. For some reason Candice forgot all of this and went after Brad regularly.

Ok so fine Brad gets voted out last week in a very dumb decision and he heads to redemption island. Brad knows that it could be ugly with Candice and John there and he tries to make the best of it. Candice is having none of that and gloats to the camera about how awesome it is that Brad got voted out. What makes me like her even less is her statement to the camera that Survivor is a kill or be killed game.  Exactly Candice. You finally said something right. It is kill or be killed. Your hatred of Brad was misplaced and frankly, quite dumb.

Candice gets her just dessert and gets sent home by Brad at the redemption island challenge. No matter what else happens for Brad this season, I bet he will look back with some satisfaction that he sent Candice home. If he doesn’t, I will.  So long Candice.

Reward/Immunity Challenge

Before I discuss the reward/immunity challenge, I want to discuss Caleb’s attitude on tonight’s episode. I’m sure Caleb is feeling very proud of himself for having orchestrated the blindside of Brad but he shouldn’t. He weakened his team greatly by getting rid of Brad. Now Caleb is telling the camera that yes he is the one in charge and he likes being in the driver’s seat.  That’s great Caleb.  You are now the captain of the Titanic.  Great job. Don’t think for a second by the way that the weak players you have around you on your team won’t turn on you in a second.

For the first time this season, Tadhana won a challenge. I will not say that challenges are fixed in this game because I don’t believe that they are.  I do believe though that challenges are designed to even the playing field and make a result that the producers want more likely to happen. We have seen it countless times. This challenge tonight was another example. Tadhana is clearly a weak team but we get a challenge that has nothing to do with luck or puzzle solving skills. It was basically a carnival game challenge where both teams have as good a chance to win as the other. This challenge was designed to give Tadhana a chance. The producers clearly don’t want to see a Galang sweep. Tadhana still had to win the challenge, but they never would have had a chance had it been a strength or puzzle challenge.

Tribal Council

laura morettThere was no drama here. This was Galang’s first visit to tribal council so they haven’t had to make any difficult choices yet. Galang still has all of their easy, low hanging fruit that they can vote off without ruffling anyone’s feathers. As it turns out, Laura Morett (Survivor: Samoa) was that low hanging fruit. Galang has a strong alliance that is in control of that team and for the first team vote, it will go exactly as expected. Laura now is the 3rd person at redemption island with Brad and John.




There are 12 players left in the game, not counting the 3 on redemption island. Galang has the advantage over Tadhana at 7 to 5.  The merge usually happens when there are around 10 players left in the game so the merge is coming soon.  We had a teaser from Jeff about something being changed up in the game next week but we don’t know what.

It is possible that there is an early merge to add the loved one’s dynamic back in to the game. For a blood vs. water game, there hasn’t really been much of a family or loved one dynamic to this game. They are playing on separate teams so it doesn’t really matter.  If they merge now, there are the current alliances that will be thrown in to chaos and it will add the actual blood vs. water dynamic that we were promised this season.  Also, this would eliminate the possibility of Tadhana being completely wiped out by Galang.

So what do you all think?  Who is your favorite so far?  Who do you hate?  What do you think is going to happen next week?  Let’s discuss this episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.