Survivor: Blood vs. Water ep. 3

survivor blood vs waterWeek 3 of Survivor: Blood vs. Water went down tonight.  We are starting to get in to the game now.  Things are starting to get serious and people’s true feelings are starting to come out.  We had some drama in this episode and we have another terrible strategy decision by one of the teams that I am just baffled by.  Head inside to read more. Spoilers abound so beware.

colton cumbyOk before we talk about what a giant baby Colton is, how about the revelation that he faked his appendicitis incident on One World?  Is that crazy or what?  At the beginning of the episode Colton is talking about how this team doesn’t know how to play the game and they never talk strategy blah blah blah and then we find out that he faked illness to quit his season?  Wow. That was a shocking revelation.

So we get to the redemption island challenge and drama breaks out. First I don’t understand why people are mad that their loved ones are getting voted out. Why threaten Tadhana? Culpepper had it exactly right. They lost the challenge and had to vote someone out. What else were they to do?

The drama breaks out then between Culpepper and Marissa and what happens?  Colton starts crying saying he wants to quit. The argument didn’t involve Colton at all but I guess he’s so sensitive that he just can’t stand the tension. This was when Jeff busted Colton on lying about having a medical emergency in One World. Jeff was having none of Colton. It’s one of the things I love about Jeff.  He doesn’t take crap from anyone and he truly hates people that quit the game. Jeff said that they brought a quitter back and he’s quitting again.  There really is no excuse for Colton to quit this game either. It’s not like he was a new player who had no idea what to expect.  He’s been there before.  It’s also only been 7 days. Are you breaking already?  What a baby. So long Colton, you are one of the worst people who has played this game.

Galang continues their domination of Tadhana winning immunity and the reward for the 3rd straight time. Let’s talk abut Tadhana’s voting strategy.  What are they thinking?  Nothing is more frustrating than watching people play the game badly.  Why is Tadhana playing the long game at this point? You are still in the team phase of this game. You do not vote out strength at this stage of the game. If you are voting looking ahead to who you might be playing against after the merge, you are going to lose.

john codyTadhana decided in their infinite wisdom to vote out John Cody. Why would they do this? So you haven’t won a single challenge yet and you vote out one of your strongest players? You leave Kate and Ciera in the game while you send John to redemption Island? Tadhana is in trouble and they better start winning. Decisions like this show that they have no idea how to play this game and deserve to keep losing and if Brad Culpepper is really in charge of this mess, then he is an idiot too.

For the record, John was my pick to win Survivor: Blood vs. Water. He’s heading to redemption island now so it’s not looking too good for him. He can get back in the game from there but the fact that he was voted out already doesn’t look good for him even if he survives redemption island.

Galang now has a 8 to 6 advantage over Tadhana heading in to week 4 of the game. The merge will come when there are 10 or so players left in the game so that means there are still 4 more team immunity challenges to go. Tadhana is going to be wishing they had John for the upcoming challenges.

3 weeks in.  Who are your favorites right now?  Who do you want to see voted out?