Survivor: Blood vs. Water ep. 2

survivor blood vs waterEpisode 2 of Survivor: Blood vs. Water went down tonight.  This is one of those early episodes where we aren’t really terribly invested in any of the players and the episode is just there to move the game along.  We didn’t get a huge amount of drama and there were no blind sides.  Head inside for a discussion on episode 2 (spoilers inside).

Redemption Island Challenge:

So redemption island is going to have 3 people on it at any given time?  Ok fine.  So the challenge will happen with 2 surviving and 1 being kicked off the island.  The first 3 people taking part in the first redemption island challenge were Rupert, Candice, and Marissa. Marissa was sure to let her uncle Gervaise know that he was the reason she got voted out. His excessive celebration last week pissed off Tadhana so much that they took it out on Marissa.

This brings me to a question. Early in the game, do you vote out weak players or do you vote out people you think will be a threat later in the game?  For years people have seemed to vote early on based on what is going to be happening later or they vote based solely on whether someone irritates them or not.  Both have got to be the most amazingly dumb strategies to win.  Why during the team phase of the game would you vote off anyone who was strong?  You need your team to win as much as possible so you can have the advantage when you get to the merge.  If you don’t have the advantage at the merge, winning gets to be nearly impossible.  Why do players, most of whom say they are fans, don’t have the most basic of voting strategies down?  I don’t get it.

So the challenge.  My favorite part?  Rupert is gone.  I know so many people love him but I have to be honest, I don’t.  I think he has bought in to the Rupert image too much.  He’s an arrogant ass and I’m glad we don’t have to listen to him any more.  I loved that he was actually angry that he was out.  He was the one who volunteered to go to redemption island.  No one made him. The situation is all his creation.  He has no one to blame but himself.

Immunity Challenge

Before we get to the immunity challenge, let’s talk about Colton.  Did anyone really believe he was turning over a new leaf?  Please.  That guy has a serious problem.  We get a preview for next week’s show showing another classic Colton melt-down.  It seems as though he may quit.  We can all hope.

Galang won their second immunity challenge sending Tadhana to tribal council again. There was some maneuvering but the vote wasn’t really a surprise.  Rachel was the 2nd person voted out of Tadhana with 5 votes.  The women are clearly on the outside of this tribe.  Rachel was voted out and Katie and Ciera voted for John.  To be just a 2 vote block shows that Katie and Ciera were not involved in the voting discussion.  No one with a brain would vote in a 2 person block against the group knowingly.  If Tadhana doesn’t start winning some challenges, Katie and Ciera will be visiting redemption island soon.

Galang is in the driver’s seat.  Tadhana needs to start winning or the team game is going to be over very soon. What did you all think?  Do you have any favorites yet?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water airs on CBS Wednesdays at 7:00.