Survivor: Blood vs. Water Cast Revealed

survivor blood vs water cast


Big news Survivor fans!  The Survivor: Blood vs. Water cast has been revealed!  I can’t tell you how excited I am for the return of Survivor this fall.  It’s my favorite reality show.  We got teased at the end of the last Survivor with the blood vs. water tag line but we didn’t have much of an idea what that would mean.  Well now we know.  Survivor: Blood vs. Water will feature returning players playing against family members or loved ones.  Here is the cast:

SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERTyson Apolstol (33) and Rachel Foulger (33).  Tyson is the returning cast member.  He played Survivor previously on Survivor: Tocantins where he was the 2nd member of the jury and on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains where he was the 6th person voted out.

Tyson’s girlfriend Rachel is playing the game for the first time.  She is from Provo, UT and is a cocktail waitress/graphic designer.




SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERAras Baskauskas (31) and Vytas Baskauskas (33).  Aras is one of the returning Survivor winners who is back to play the game.  Aras won the Survivor: Panama Exile Island season.  His brother Vytas is from Santa Monica, CA and is a math teacher/yoga instructor.





SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERRupert Boneham (49) and Laura Boneham (44).  Rupert is the returning player and is one of the most popular players ever to play the game.  He’s so popular that the producers of Survivor created a fan vote for him to win so they could award him a million dollars in his original season that they knew he was not going to win.  While not a winner, Rupert has won a million dollars and is returning to play against his wife Laura.




SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERCandice Cody (30) and John Cody (30).  Candice is the returning player who you may remember from Survivor: Cook Islands where she was the 5th member of the jury.  She was brought back for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains where she was again the 5th member of the jury.  She brings with her to the game her husband John Cody who is an orthopedic surgeon in the U.S. Army.






Monica Culpepper (42) and Brad Culpepper (44).  Monica was on the season Survivor: One World (which is widely regarded as one of the weakest seasons of Survivor) where she was the fifth person voted out.  Her occupation is listed as homemaker and former NFL wife.  She brings with her to Survivor: Blood vs. Water her husband former NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Brad Culpepper.  Brad is now an attorney in Tampa, FLA.





Colton Cumbie (22) and Caleb Bankston (26).  You can’t have forgotten about Colton.  He might be the most annoying player ever to play Survivor.  He was on the season Survivor: One World where he was the 6th person eliminated from the game after being medically evacuated.  He brings his fiancee Caleb to the game.  Caleb is a post office manager from Collinsville, AL.




SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERKat Edorsson (23) and Hayden Moss (26).  Kat is the former player who was on the season Survivor: One World where she was the 6th member of the jury.  Her boyfriend Hayden might be familiar to you if you are a fan of Big Brother.  He is the winner of Big Brother season 12.





SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERLaura Morett (43) and Ciera Eastin (24).  One of the two mother/daughter pairs to be playing Survivor: Blood vs. Water, mother Laura was on the season Survivor: Samoa where she was the 3rd member of the jury.  Her daughter Ciera is a cosmetology student from Salem, OR.





SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERGervase Peterson (43) and Marissa Peterson (21).  Gervase is back.  Gervase hasn’t played Survivor since the very first season.  He was on the season Survivor: Borneo where he was the 3rd member of the jury.  He brings with him his niece Marissa to Survivor: Blood vs. Water.  Marissa is a student from Chapel Hill, NC.





SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERTina Wesson (52) and Katie Collins (25).  Tina you might remember as the winner of Survivor: Australia (one of the most shameful wins in the history of the series in my opinion).  She came back to play again for Survivor: All Stars but she was the first person voted out.  She returns to Survivor to play again and brings her daughter Katie with her.  Katie is in hedge fun support (I have no idea what that means) and is from New York, NY.




So there is the cast.  Fans of Survivor.  Who do you think has the best chance to win?  Will it be a returning player or one of the new players on the loved ones team?  Head to the next page to answer our poll for who you think has the best chance to win Survivor: Blood vs. Water.