Survivor Blood vs Boring

Survivor blood vs boring

I am a huge fan of Survivor. I have watched every season from the very start and have never missed. Some seasons are good, some are not. The current season, Survivor: San Juan del Sur is one of the down seasons. It’s another blood vs. water season but to me, it’s Survivor Blood vs Boring.

Something just isn’t right with this season. We are now 5 weeks in to the season and things just aren’t really clicking. I think one of the biggest problems with this current season is that all of the contestants are pretty boring. This cast is pretty much the exact opposite of what Fox tried to do with their failing attempt at a new reality show, Utopia. On Utopia, Fox just found all the craziest people they could find and put them together. They figured that the crazier, the better as there was sure to be drama.

On this season of Survivor, it seems that all of the contestants have figured out that crazy gets voted out very quickly. No one is really stepping out to do anything crazy or take control of the game or do anything that might put a target on their back. Everyone seems to be playing it right down the middle of the road.

Even their one controversial casting choice, former Major League pitcher John Rocker, turned out to be a mostly normal dude. He wasn’t the same person who made those idiotic statements 20 years ago but clearly CBS thought he would be. He was competitive and a type A personality for sure, but that is pretty normal for a former professional athlete. John got voted out but that really had more to do with him being a threat than anything else. Physically strong men do not do well on this show. Weakness is the most valued trait on Survivor.

On last night’s episode we got a big shake up that shuffled the tribes. This was intended to break up alliances that had formed and to try to introduce some drama in to a season that I’m sure the producers could tell was boring. Already I know it’s not going to work. The team shuffling didn’t do anything to break up alliances. If anything, there are stronger alliances that will benefit the weakest players in the game.

Lacking in this season of Survivor is a true villain. There is normally someone who becomes the stand out of each season for being a villain whether because they are actually evil or because they are so crazy that they are bad. That hasn’t happened this season. There are people I don’t really like, but no one I would really call a villain.

Survivor is going to continue to trudge along the rest of this season. I am not really connected to any of the cast and am not really rooting for anyone. I know at this point that I don’t want either of the cheerleaders to win, cheer mom Missy, or cheerleader Baylor, but beyond that, I don’t really care. I find myself watching and wishing that the hour would just move along. Normally, my wife and I have strategy discussions about decisions made during the show but this season has been so flat that we aren’t even doing that.

survivor blood vs boringI can see already though how this season is going to play out. I don’t like Missy or Baylor but I am willing to bet that one or both of them will be around late in the game. Both of them are pretty weak but they somehow managed to form an alliance and are now in control of their team. They should be able to survive long enough to get to the merge and then both will be weak enough to fly under the radar to get close to the end. It’s how every season of this show works. Be weak and don’t be mouthy, and you have a good shot to win.

So what do you all think? Are any of you watching? I’d love to know what your thoughts are for this season. I don’t see the usual chatter online about this season so I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in feeling that this season is pretty flat.

Survivor airs on CBS Wednesdays at 7:00.