We often make fun of NBC over here at MWTVG as it seems like monkeys are running the sitcom programming department.  They cancel good/great shows like Go On, 1600 Penn, and The New Normal without giving them much of a chance.  Then they give us a show like Superstore.

After watching a full hour of this show, I no longer think monkeys run NBC.  No that’s insulting to monkeys which are clearly more evolved than whatever is in charge of programming at NBC.  My best guess is that every producer submits a turtle to the network and then the execs hold turtle races with the “winner” getting an NBC sitcom.  I say “winner”, cause the lifespan of an NBC sitcom is about the same as a common housefly.

The first clue of the awfulness that is this show is that it premiered on the last day of November after most of the shows have had their “Fall Finale”.  If NBC thought it was actually good, you would have seen it September.  In fairness, maybe the turtle was too slow in September and have since gotten a faster one.

The second clue was that it premiered at 9 o’clock at night in the last hour of primetime.  What other sitcoms run in the last hour of primetime?  None that I can think of off hand.

Alright, so what’s the premise of the show, as if you can’t figure it out from the title.  According to IMDB it’s simply a look at the lives of the employees at a big box store.  Was somebody thinking, “Gosh that person took forever to make change, I wonder what’s going on in their personal life.”  If I wanted to see behind the curtain of these people’s lives, I’d just watch an MTV show like Jersey Shore.

The show is created by Justin Spitzer who was the co-executive producer of The Office.  I know the pressure to get back on TV must be ridiculous in Hollywood, but sometimes you just have to say no Justin.

Here’s an NBC promo.  See the magic for yourself.