Supernatural – Torn and Frayed

Torn and Frayed

Regardless of how second-rate this season of SUPERNATURAL has been so far, I am excited to see it return from midseason break.  At least it’s nowhere near as bottom-barrel as season 7 was.  As far as I’m concerned, any sort of SUPERNATURAL is better than no SUPERNATURAL at all.  Things kick off appropriately in the “Then” segment with some classic rock crooning and some immediate bickering over silly family issues is boding well for the show getting back to basics.

Head inside for episode breakdown and reactions.

We start off with the Wiener Hut angel (Samandriel) from the first couple of episodes tied to a chair being tortured by Crowley’s minions.  As they drive icepicks and screws into his head, he starts to shout some gibberish that Crowley is very interested in hearing.  He keeps repeating the words “Sal Vach Tay” which is allegedly Enochian for “Obey”

Castiel (clearly not hanging around in the mental ward anymore) is pulled up to heaven and charged by Naomi to save Samandriel from capture.  He goes to Dean for help and they leave together to Hastings, Nebraska.  Dean and Cas trace Samandriel to a warehouse in town that is surrounded by demons but need some fairly hefty help to break in.  They grab the demon bomb recipe from Kevin, and Cas leaves to get the ingredients.

After their argument, Sam mopes around in his room alone contemplating the things that only a lonely Sam can contemplate.  Amelia swings by to make sure it was him from earlier and see what he was doing there.  She clearly still has feelings for Sam as they promptly hash out those feelings under the sheets.  Afterwards, Amelia gives Sam the choice to either stay in her life or leave for good.  They give each other two days to officially decide and agree to meet back at the motel room if they still love each other.

Cas returns with the demon bomb ingredients as well as Sam.  Even though Dean disagrees about Sam being there, they break into Crowley’s warehouse and paint over the Enochian symbols so Cas can enter.  Under further torture, Samandriel gives away that there is an angel tablet partner to the demon tablet that closes hell, allegedly able to close heaven.  Cas finally gets inside the warehouse but is completely crippled by the demon magic.  He also has flashbacks of Naomi having him tied to a chair and drilling something into his eyes.  Cas grabs Samandriel and flies him outside only to kill him on direct orders of Naomi.  Before dying, Samandriel told Cas that Naomi and heaven are controlling the angels for some unknown and supposedly evil reason.

Dean calls Benny to tell him that he can’t help him anymore to appease Sam.  Sam ends up sticking around with Dean and stands up Amelia who showed up to an empty motel room.  Hopefully this ends the side romances/bromances and gets back to the meat and potatoes of what it means to be SUPERNATURAL.

So now for my gripes.  Biggest one here is the characters.  Clearly Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley are all solid casting.  Naomi is also a great addition to the show.  But compare that to TYLER JOHNSTON who plays Samandriel.  Crowley’s demons could drive screws into a damp washcloth and get a better acting range.  And the kid they cast for Kevin Tran?  No.  Both Amelia and her soap-opera camera filters are irritating as hell.

Why on earth would you ruin an established show with nearly unlimited potential by having such awful casting decisions?  It boils down to a supporting actor issue.  Are there no good actors in Canada anymore?  Or has SUPERNATURAL cast and killed them all in the past seven and a half seasons?  No matter the reasons, it needs to improve quickly.

Funny Dean one-liner:  “You mean the wiener on a stick kid?”

Classic rock soundtrack:  Bob Seger – Katmandu

FBI names:  None, since Dean and Cas posed as reporters.

This episode was at least better than a few of the previous.  3/5 but I’m looking for a lot more.