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The DVR works overtime on any given Wednesday taping a wonderful group of shows that I need to somehow prioritize before my mild narcolepsy takes over and I wake up with the blue U-Verse screen burning into my big screen TV.  Both SUPERNATURAL and AMERICAN HORROR STORY are great choices, and I have decided to take on the burden of ARROW for the enrichment of MWTVG…

My family also enjoys THE VOICE, and although MIDWEST MO is correct in saying that there are 19 singing shows at any given time, THE VOICE works uniquely between the premise built on talent and the judges being great characters in and of themselves.  My Midwest TV Wife has taken a liking to NASHVILLE which I try hard to ignore.  All in all, Wednesday is a solid TV filled evening.

But my first choice on Wednesdays is always SUPERNATURAL.

In what ends up being the strongest episode of the season thus far, Sam and Dean go to investigate a murder in Missouri where a woman had dropped a car on her mechanic husband and driven off with him pinned underneath.  After finding a pile of ectoplasm (and Garth), they decide that they are hunting a spectre possessing the locals.  The spectre kills by being passed through a stolen object and plays off grudges from people that wronged the possessed person.  It inevitably gets passed to Dean who then takes his aggression out on Sam for not coming to save him when he was in purgatory.

Shockingly, Garth (DJ QUALLS) was fantastic in this episode, and JENSEN ACKLES delivers his best performance in a season and a half.  I had almost completely written off Garth’s character after being so irritatingly stupid last season, but now he effectively navigates the line between silly and stupid much like Ash (CHAD LINDBERG) from season 2.  Garth had since taken over Bobby’s role being the go-to resource for hunters and (awkwardly) taking on many of Bobby’s characteristics.  This was actually played tastefully unlike the overuse of jokes from last season, and I would go so far as to say that I hope Garth returns at least a time or two more this season.

Dean’s one-liner:  You’re sulking around like a eunich in a whorehouse.

Overall 4.5/5

And it looks like Cas is actually back next episode… can’t wait!

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  1. I can’t wait for Cas to come back, and I hope Sam reunites with Amelia soon!!!!!!

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