Supernatural – Remember the Titans

Remember the TitansQuestion:  what do you get when you combine SUPERNATURAL with Greek mythology and competent supporting actors?  Answer: a fantastic episode.  And not just a fantastic episode, but the potential seeds of an awesome side-plot.  My overall faith in SUPERNATURAL is officially renewed.

After being on the losing end of a hit and run, a hitchhiker with amnesia ends up really being the Greek god Prometheus who is cursed to die every day by Zeus himself.  Except that he fathered a son who also is cursed to die on a daily basis.  Sam and Dean team up with Prometheus and his son/son’s mother to hunt down Zeus and lift the curse.

More inside!

To address the most important subplot, Sam continues some sort of god-trial physical degradation not just from his coughing fit at the end of the last episode, but by spitting up blood back at Winchester HQ.  I’m really hoping they don’t take the cheap way out by unsurprisingly killing Sam (again) at the end of the season.  It will be interesting to see how it all culminates.

Tons of legitimate guest stars in this one… JOHN REARDON guest stars as Prometheus, ANNA VAN HOOFT (FRINGE) is Prometheus’ sworn enemy Artemis, BROOKE LANGTON (MELROSE PLACE, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) plays Prometheus’ baby-mama, and JOHN NOVAK (primarily a voice actor from a bunch of random things including the old GI JOE cartoons!) shows up as Zeus.  The latter of which was an outstanding addition to the cast and I can only hope he shows up again here and there to reprise his mythological role…

…except for the fact that it looks like they killed him off.  The best supporting actor they’ve had in years in the role of the Greek god Zeus killed off in one episode.  Not sure I follow the logic of the decision…

Funny Dean one-liner:  “Here we go:  Dragon penis”

In other SUPERNATURAL-related news, MISHA COLLINS was just picked up for a season 9 regular.  After being strangely absent for large chunks of the past two seasons, it will be great to see him join back up on a consistent basis.

Agent names:  Dean is Agent Bonham and Sam is Agent Jones, in reference to the late John Bonham and not-late-yet John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame.

This episode was an absolute A+ in every way.  Next episode… Meg, Cas and Crowley??  And here’s hoping it’s not some fruitcakey season 7 Meg–let’s go for the real thing.  I’m hazy on how they can wrap up the god-quest bit in just a few episodes, but who really gives a hoot if they are delivering this level of quality week after week?

Now let’s restart the classic rock tunes.  I know for a fact that they haven’t played them all already!