Supernatural – Man’s Best Friend With Benefits

Man’s Best Friend with BenefitsSUPERNATURAL!!  After Sam ‘mistakenly’ passes the first of the three god-tests to finish the spell that closes the gates of hell, we suddenly forget all about it to take on a side-case to help one of their friends.  On one hand, I am happy to report this is another excellent episode (which means that we are up to three in a row now!)  How far can we go?  Dare I say that this season might end up being… pretty good?

But on the other hand, the showrunners are having a pretty massive issue with continuity.  At least in this episode we harken back to the days when intros and outros focused on overall story arc while the bulk of the episode was its own hunt.  That is a good thing.  But when this season has introduced such compelling plot points involving Castiel and his random trips up to heaven as well as this new god-trial piece and their new home-base, the least they can do is pepper more of it in here and there to link everything together.

More Inside!

After waxing poetic on which of the Three Stooges has superior acting talent, Sam runs into a ‘familiar’ (sometimes-person/sometimes-animal) named Portia, which is a companion to a witch.  It turns out that she is familiar to James Frampton, an ex-cop turned witch that helped Sam and Dean in a prior hunt.  He is being plagued by memories of murders that he isn’t committing which is starting to worry the community of witches around him.

James astrally projects himself along with Sam and Dean into the precinct where they discover that he’s being framed by the police chief and one of the other witches who was jealous over Portia.  Portia attacks the witch while in dog form just enough for Sam and dean to torch him with a magical molotov cocktail.  James and Portia skip town to build a life where they aren’t shunned.

Something is presumably wrong with Sam after completing the first trial, as he coughs up blood and tries to hide it from Dean.

Agent Name:  Sam is Agent Keith, who can reference all sorts of ‘Keiths’ from Richards to Moon.  Not sure exactly where they are going with that one.

There are now 5 episodes left in the season.  Next week looks like they are taking on a group of Greek gods hopefully to get back to the god-trial business.  Not sure where Castiel would fit into that, so we might need to wait another episode or two for him to show his face again.

The episode?  Rated an ‘A’ overall.  The season’s sense of continuity?  C.  But as far as I’m concerned, keep ’em coming like this fellas… it’s great to be able to love this show again!