Supernatural – LARP and the Real Girl


This week, Sam and Dean explore the phenomenally dorky universe of Live Action Role Playing and try to find out who or what is killing off a large number of the players.  One by one, some of the best LARPers (and by “best LARPers” I mean the ones not living in their parent’s basement) are getting spontaneous tattoos of a tree that appear on their forearms shortly before they die some sort of awful medieval-style death.

This episode is filed with the ‘funny’ episodes of SUPERNATURAL and ends up pulling it off very well.  The entire hour is hilarious and well acted which unfortunately is a rarity for SUPERNATURAL anymore.  Ironically, I was watching one of the shapeshifter episodes just this morning from season 2.  It was dark, gripping, gritty and almost movie-quality in its action and dramatic content.  Seasons 7 and 8 can’t hold a candle to what it once was.

FELICIA DAY returns as Charlie Bradbury the computer hacker from last season’s episode “THE GIRL WITH THE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS TATTOO”.  ANDREA BROOKS also returns as an extra from playing a separate role from season 2’s “No Exit”

Here’s the skinny: one of the LARPers bought a book of spells on ebay and brought a real fairy into the world that he used to take out his in-game competition.  Charlie was able to find the fairy and destroy the book of magic in time for the fairy to be freed and for the two of them to awkwardly make out.

Everything inbetween was very funny as Dean seems to have found a new love for all things LARPing has to offer.  He also has a BRAVEHEART speech (“It’s the only one he knows”) near the end that is a must-watch.

The title of the episode references the 2007 movie “LARS AND THE REAL GIRL”

Agent Names – Taggart and Rosewood in reference to BEVERLY HILLS COP characters Sergeant John Taggart and Detective Billy Rosewood played by JOHN ASHTON and JUDGE REINHOLD, respectively.

Snarky Dean one-liner:  “I think we can take care of a bunch of accountants with foam swords”

Rockin’ Classic Rock Soundtrack:  Doobie Brothers – China Grove

Keep in mind that a ‘good’ episode of SUPERNATURAL nowadays is sort of like the most attractive turd in the toilet bowl.  But I’m a sucker for it regardless, and this one left me strangely satisfied.