Supernatural – Hunteri Heroici

Literal translation:  Hunter’s Hero (I think)… SUPERNATURAL’S titles are not quite as deep as the obscure SONS OF ANARCHY titles…

…but we’re not going for literal translation here.  It is a play off the Wile E Coyote cartoons in an ambitious episode in the vein of “Bad Day at Black Rock” or “Mystery Spot” that ultimately falls way short of the mark and starts to fall into some of season 7’s bad habits.

More exists within…

Cas decides he wants to be a hunter and finds a case involving a guy whose heart exploded out of his chest.  At first they suspect witches, but that is quickly ruled out after other bizarre deaths and robberies start happening around town.

long story short, a powerful psychokinetic nursing home patient is trapped in his own mind with only his love of old cartoons keeping him company, and he is able to make them happen in real life.  His psychiatrist wheels him around town as the catalyst for him to break into banks and steal safety deposit boxes.  When Dean confronts the psychiatrist, things go all wonky and cartooney, but remains fairly predictable and mostly un-amusing.

The cartoon nature of the episode should have been explored fully or not at all.  They flirt with some good ideas here and there, but the cheesy CG heart at the beginning and the cat calling Cas a ‘dumbass’ ended up being completely stupid.  At one point Cas and Sam get sucked into a cartoon world, but nothing ever comes of it.  How many Roger Rabbit-esque gags could have been done??  They weren’t.  Even near the end when Dean fights the doctor, there are so many references that could have been made and all they can do is joke around with frying pans, a second anvil reference and a gun with a ‘bang’ flag.

Then to add insult to injury Cas seemingly gets ‘season 7-ed’ straight off the show again when he stays to “keep an eye on” the old man.  Way to bring him back for a whole episode and a half, putzes.

Oh, and by the way… all of Sam’s flashbacks to his girlfriend culminated in them moving in together, meeting her father and her dead husband being really not dead.  Doesn’t seem as deep as they make it come off to be when they devote eight freaking episodes to it.

And now we’re coming up on the mid-season finale next week.  Boo.

Dean’s one-liner:  “Cas… stop smelling the dead guy”

FBI names: Crosby (Dean), Stills (Cas) and Nash (Sam) in reference to David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash (no love to Young… don’t need him around anyhow) who make up the legendary folk rock group of the same name.

Overall a 2.5 out of 5, or a verbal score of “Meh.”