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Another one bites the dust to the midseason.  As far as an episode worthy of the title “midseason finale”, Citizen Fang falls way short.  There was nothing here to further the plot or the character development, and the “cliffhanger” it left us on was totally lame by normal SUPERNATURAL standards.

It is thoroughly irritating to me when a terrific show has a standard template to work from that had worked for years and they seem to throw it to the wind in favor of a ‘fresh’ direction.  Fresh isn’t always best.  SUPERNATURAL seasons 7 and 8 being prime examples.

Angry face.

Review, recap and hard hitting commentary within…

Benny is working in a junky cafe in Louisiana unknowingly serving coffee to a hunter named ‘Crazy’ Martin Creaser (originally from Season 5 episode 11 “Sam, Interrupted when he’s in the mental institution).  Martin was out tracking Benny on Sam’s suggestion to make sure he was living the straight-and-narrow life.  Martin happens upon a dead body with fang holes and naturally blames Benny for it.

Sam and Dean travel down to Louisiana to check it out and get on the trail of a rogue vampire named Desmond trying to frame Benny.  Dean joins Benny in the hunt and they dispatch Desmond with a little too much ease.  Meanwhile, Sam and Martin go to hunt Benny still convinced he is the one doing the killing.

While hunting Benny, Sam gets a text message from Amelia to come quick and help her.  He leaves Martin in the middle of the woods and rushes to find her only to find that she is cozy at home with her husband and Dean had sent the text message all along to pull him away from hunting Benny.  Martin ends up taking Benny’s co-worker/great-great-granddaughter hostage and Benny (obviously) kills Martin for doing so after a completely unexciting little attempt at drama.

The problems:  Why Sam takes Martin’s word over Dean to go out and kill Benny in the first place makes no sense at all.  At least have some sort of epic vampire battle.  Oh wait, let’s kill the real bad guy in 7 seconds.  Remember when it would take an entire episode (or two or three) to hunt down and kill a baddie?  Me too.

And let’s be real here… the Amelia flashbacks are better suited for a LIFETIME MOVIE than for SUPERNATURAL.  At this point, I want to see Amelia’s husband get possessed by a demon and get shot by the colt by a just-in-time Dean after demon-husband tears Amelia’s heart out in front of Sam.  But nooooooo, that would be ‘good’ SUPERNATURAL, not this season 7/8 rubbish.  At least the classic rock makes a return.  But would it kill them to start an episode with Carry on my Wayward Son or Lonely is the Night?!?  Come on people, get back to basics!!

Add these songs to the playlist:

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Born on the Bayou
  • Steve Earle – Feel Alright
 ‘Snarky’ Dean one-liner:  “They don’t care if you’re collecting for the March of Dimes”

Another lame episode overall.  And I hate to hate on my favorite show…  2/5.

SUPERNATURAL is back on Wednesday, January 16th.  Until then, watch seasons 1-6 to restore faith in the show.  I would recommend the same to the showrunners.  Please take notes.

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  1. I wish Sam would get his balls in check and stop having these goofy flash backs throughout every episode. Getting a little old! On a lighter note Dean is still a bad ass!

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