Supernatural – Blood Brother

In a flashback heavy but overall strong episode, Dean briefly leaves Sam to go help his newfound vampire friend Benny after he is badly injured fighting some members of his old nest. Dean and Benny then go off to hunt down and kill Benny’s maker who heads up a group of swashbuckling vampire-pirates that Dean jokingly monikers “vampirates”.

Meanwhile, Sam continues to look for Kevin and his mother while reminiscing about his time spent when Dean was in Purgatory. I have a feeling that not all is as it seems with the “Amelia” flashbacks as they seem a bit too innocent for the show.  As far as Dean’s Purgatory flashbacks are concerned, Cas is back (again) as the old non season 7 Cas that we all know and love.  I really like the camera effects in purgatory that shows it as a bleak, desolate place.  Even this week’s Leviathan attack was done tastefully and did not include the generic Leviathan animation used endlessly last season.

Hopefully the flashbacks wrap themselves up soon and don’t drag too much further forward into the season, because the seemingly pointless Amelia story is starting to bring down Sam’s storyline.  I’m also hoping that they finally find Cas to bring back to earth although I have a funny feeling that things break badly for him in the escape from Purgatory.

I do need to add that I think I was spot on with the whole Dean’s newfound compassion idea coming back to be a significant plot point, as Sam is visibly angry upon meeting Benny especially remembering that Dean murdered his monster friend back in Season 7.  I will also add that the casting of Benny was spot-on with actor TY OLSSON bringing back the darker grittier tone that last season’s casting choices could not replicate.  Unfortunate to mention that Garth (DJ QUALLS) looks like he’s back next episode, and I am sincerely hoping that his character dies a horrible death.  If they can kill off Bobby, they can certainly kill off Garth.  And fast.

Benny in Purgatory

Overall 4.2 out of 5, and I couldn’t have less patience to see where next week takes us.