Supernatural – Bitten

Here at MWTVG, we are merely regular guys with simple needs… usually consisting of a remote control, a good show to watch, snacks, and relative silence.  So with my wife needing to take a final for her masters class last night, I had plenty of time to catch up on the previous night’s DVRing.  And just in time to conveniently slip out stage left when she said “can you turn on GREY’S ANATOMY?”  And just before I was about to start ARROW.  I claim total victory.

This week’s SUPERNATURAL added to their experimental batch of shows, this time cashing in on the ‘found footage’ craze.  Think a cross between CHRONICLE and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (both excellent movies, btw) with the notable addition of werewolves.  They tried this a time or two before with the GHOSTFACERS episodes, but this one was way more serious in tone and much more polished.

A college student majoring in film gets bitten by a werewolf while filming scenes for his movie.  At first, him and his friends are impressed by his superhuman strength and new abilities but it soon breaks badly for all of them as he starts to do what werewolves typically do.

It worked for the most part although there were a couple times that I found myself wondering “why the hell would you be holding a camera right now?!?” as you stand in front of a bathroom mirror turning into a werewolf and go off on a killing spree, for instance.

Also important to note is Dean’s shift in viewpoint when it comes to the creatures they hunt.  Dean is normally the cold killer while Sam usually needs to keep his moral absolutism in check.  I immediately compared this to one of the best moments of season 7 (not like there were many…) where Dean returns in the last few seconds of the episode “The Girl Next Door” to kill Sam’s childhood friend Amy regardless of how straight laced she was just because she wasn’t human.

At the end of this episode he lets the werewolf go, supposedly because he has new respect for monsters after it was a vampire that helped him escape from purgatory.  Dean’s newfound compassion might come to play a bigger role in the season.  Although if this season is anything like last season, they will just let the potential plotline fly in the breeze.

For the record,

FBI Names:  Rose and Hudson, referencing Guns and Roses’ Axl Rose and Saul Hudson (better known as Slash)

Dean’s Best 1-liner: “Not unless you want to put an APB out on Rocky Raccoon”

Overall, we’re heading back in the right direction.  While this episode didn’t work to further the story arc, it stands well on its own.  4 out of 5.


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  1. My comment has nothing to do with the episode for I feel it was well executed for the most part. I do just want to point out that the ghostfacers suck and every time I see them on the show I want to punch them.

    • Midwest Mark // October 28, 2012 at 2:44 pm //

      I have to disagree with you a bit here…it just goes to show the range they have on Supernatural, going from scary to suspenseful to cop-drama to Ghostfacers. it was a silly diversion, and I’m glad it wasn’t overdone. Some of their best episodes have been the goofy ones though… just think Mystery Spot and the French Mistake.

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