Supernatural – A Little Slice of Kevin

Castiel (MISHA COLLINS) is back and better than ever… and thank you to ERIC KRIPKE and everybody else running SUPERNATURAL for finally getting back to the character’s roots.  For all intensive purposes it’s old season 4-6 Cas and he looks to be back to recurring status.

In this week’s episode, Cas tries to appear to Dean several times before gathering up enough energy to appear for real.  Once he does, they all leave to go find a freshly abducted Kevin Tran after he was betrayed by a witch hired by his mother to make demon bombs.  Yet another reason why his mother needs to exit the show and fast.  I will say these three words yet again:  They… Killed… Bobby.  Now how about Kevin’s mom?

Meanwhile, Crowley rounded up all the living prophets plus Kevin as leverage for Kevin to translate the tablets.  After cutting off one of Kevin’s pinkie fingers, he finally agrees to translate in full.  As he was about to finish, Cas breaks in and flexes his angel wings to scare off Crowley and break the word of god in half.

As they were leaving, Cas gets warped up to some obscure corner of Heaven where an angel named Naomi gives him orders to spy on the Winchesters.  Naomi is played by AMANDA TAPPING who is also known for the SANCTUARY and STARGATE TV series, lending alot of geek cred to the casting choice.

Thankfully by the very end of the episode, it sounds like we are getting a little break from the Trans as Sam and Dean pawn them off on Garth.  And just when I was getting to like Garth…

Rock and Roll Sountrack:  We Gotta Get Out of This Place by The Animals

Agent Names:  Roth and Lloyd, potentially in reference to the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics winners Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth??  Or it could have been Roth and Malloy in reference to David Lee Roth and Mitch Malloy who was briefly the vocalist for Van Halen.  Dean mumbled the second name, but I will go with the latter of the two,

Fantastic episode with the minor exception of Kevin Tran’s mother being irritating.  4.2/5